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Once upon a time, an air conditioner was considered a luxury, but today it’s widely recognized as a necessity. The reason for getting an AC might vary from person to person, but Daikin has a product for every consumer, keeping their budget and requirements in mind. Split air conditioners are preferred to window air conditioners as they are more powerful and efficient, and a split AC for Daikin is the best choice for any consumer.

At Daikin, we have a wide range of both 5 Star and 3 Star split air conditioners that suits the needs of every customer and is assured to deliver goodness their way. Here are a few reasons why a Daikin AC is the best split AC in India and why one needs it in their home:

ComfortComfort- Due to features like the Power Chill Operation and the Coanda Airflow, our air conditioners are designed to provide optimum comfort to the user. The Power Chill Operation is strong enough to instantly cool a large area within a short period of time, even on the worst summer day. The Coanda Airflow will steer the air waves in different directions of the space so that every corner is a comfortable one. What makes our air conditioners even more tempting as an option is our Indoor unit quiet operation, a feature that optimizes the speed of the airflow to ensure low noise level for uninterrupted comfort. Also, the Patented Neo Swing Compressor will decrease friction and vibration, providing smooth, quiet and efficient operation.

HealthHealth- Our split ACs has the outperforming Streamer Discharge Technology that cleans the air by eliminating harmful substances and provides a fresh environment to breathe and live in. This technology has proven to decompose hundreds of hazardous substances and viruses in the past, and is exactly what one needs to keep the air in their home clean.


Eco-friendlyEco-friendly- All of Daikin’s air conditioners use the R-32, an eco-friendly refrigerant that causes zero ozone depletion potential, 1/3rd global warming potential, lets out 75% less carbon dioxide emissions, and has an overall better life cycle climate performance. An environment-friendly air conditioner may have once sounded impossible, but Daikin has achieved just that.


TechnologyTechnology- Innovation is at the forefront of our work, and we create air conditioners that boast the latest of technology while also being sustainable. With the ECONO Mode, one can limit maximum power consumption and enable efficient operation. We have smart ACs that can be controlled through Alexa, Google Home or a mobile App. Additionally, there’s a Self Diagnosis feature that will identify an error and display it on the remote screen to aid with a quick resolution.


Heating FeatureHeating Feature- The FTHT series in our split air conditioners is unique as it has both cooling and heating functions. For our customers who live in extreme climates, where there are humid summers and chilly winters, it is the ideal choice. The heating function is perfect for one to enjoy comfort when the weather outside is 4 degrees Celsius or more.  


Service WarrantyService & Warranty- Daikin has service centers all over the country, so that our customers can receive the help they need whenever they need it. With our special Peace of Mind plan, users can receive a 5 year warranty on our printed circuit boards (PCBs) and a 10 year warranty on our compressors!

At the end of the day, each and every one of our air conditioners has something that will delight our customers and enhance their lives with unbeatable comfort, coolness and quality. It’s important that one does their research beforehand to find the perfect AC for them, and choose from our wide range of the best split ACs in India.


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