Dhananjeya bg

Mr. Dhananjeya

Dean, Student Affairs, Bangalore

We recently installed the latest VRV system in our university. I must say that Daikin truly understood our cooling requirements, & we are delighted to be a part of their clientele.

sanjay-sardana bg

Mr. Sanjay Sardana

Director, Manav Mangal School, Chandigarh

We are happy to install VRV air conditioning system in our educational institute, it’s like the next –gen ACs that are smarter and more efficient like our students. Also, the kind of professional help that we receive from Daikin is tremendously appreciable.

uresh antani bg
Uresh Antani

Mr. Uresh Antani

Sr. DGM, Piramal Healthcare, Mumbai

For our healthcare industry, it’s very important to maintain an ideal temperature throughout the premises. Daikin’s VRV system made it possible. It is the smartest cooling solution, which also helps to keep the environment safe.

D.K. Sharma
D.K. Sharma

Mr. D.K. Sharma

General Manager, Hotel Natraj

There’s one very similar trait between us and Daikin. Both of us believe in offering the best to our customers. And, that’s why we opted for VRV system. It is flexible, smart and optimal cooling solution.

Namrata Singh bg
Namrata Singh

Mrs. Namrata Singh

Chairperson, Yashmay School

Focusing on all round education is the cornerstone of our institution. With VRV by our side, we are able to provide our student a comfortable environment where they can learn and grow continuously.


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