What does “Perfecting the Air” mean?

This is to improve people’s lives with the air Daikin creates.

Comfortable air fills every space in the city where people live, work and enjoy.

Not only will you be comfortable, but you will be healthy, study and work will progress, and everyone will smile. We believe in the potential of air, pursue it, add new value, and deliver unprecedented air to the world.

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Daikin’s Ideal Air
That Changes People’s Lives

For everyone to become mentally and physically healthy, to be able to make great strides in study or work, and for our families and friends’ every day to be filled with smiles—Daikin will realize such a vision for the future by creating ideal air.

The Ideal Air by Daikin

The Power to Create
the Air of the Future

Daikin strives to provide not only air conditioning but also total comfort in environments through air. Here are some of the technologies, initiatives, and inspirations that will help us achieve this goal.

The Power to Create the Air of the Future

Perfecting the Air Stories

We introduce you to our efforts to provide the ideal air for each region in the world.
To realize Perfecting the Air ideal for each space,

Daikin sincerely grapples with the diverse environments and needs of different countries and regions.

Global Activities

Perfecting the Air Around the World
There Is a Reason Why Daikin Can Achieve This.

Take an in-depth look at the company that engages in Perfecting the Air around the world from the perspectives of branding, technology and expertise, and achievements.

Daikin Brand

Take a comprehensive look at the world’s No.1 in air conditioning, the Daikin Brand, from multiple vantage points.

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Daikin Tech-Knowledge

With sound technology and expertise developed over approximately a century, Daikin contributes to the betterment of people’s everyday lives.

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Daikin Achievements

Introducing endeavors to Perfecting the Air by Daikin, the pioneer in air conditioning.

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