The World’s No.1 Air Conditioning Company—Daikin

Take a comprehensive look at the world’s No.1 in air conditioning, the Daikin Brand, from multiple vantage points.

Image:Daikin at a Glance

Daikin at a Glance

Key Daikin facts and figures.

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Image:Japan Brand, Daikin

Japan Brand, Daikin

Behind Daikin’s steady growth were two particular conditions of Japan, “the diverse climate” and “limited resources”. Discover this unique environment which made Daikin’s air conditioning technology the world’s top class.

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Image:Daikin for All Your Needs

Daikin for All Your Needs

Through the movie, we introduce the comprehensive range of Daikin products and services which enables us to provide innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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Daikin Discovery Hall

This virtual showroom exhibits the Daikin history of visionary management decisions and technical advancement of each technical field.