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Disclaimers for the claims made in the Print advertisement

1. 64% Power savings

  • Power savings comparison done while running of 5.0 kW category of Inverter AC with fixed-speed 3 Star-rated category AC.
  • Energy savings is calculated on the basis of 1600 cooling Hrs, 24-43°C bin temperature and National climatic Zone as per CSPF method as defined by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

2. 15.3% More Cooling & 75% Less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions

  • Cooling Capacity is measured for 3.8 kW Unit using R410A and R32 Refrigerant at ambient temperature of 54°C.
  • GWP comparison for R410A (2090) and R32 (675) based on based on IPCC 4th report.
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