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Our society is evolving, from breaking conventional standards to empowering decisions that lead to "innovations" at every level of society. From accustoming to the ‘new normal’ to competing with the latest technology in every area of life, Innovation is the only answer!

At Daikin, we believe in innovations that not only make life easier but also play an important role in transforming lives. Be it a new patented technology like streamer discharge that shields indoor air against different pathogens, or voice-assistant compatibility for seamless usage even by the less tech-savvy members of the family. Daikin has always been a leader in innovation that transforms lives and we strive to maintain that with the best-in class cooling solutions. We believe in

Daikin features
and technologies

  • Streamer Discharge
    Technology - Inactivates
    99.9% Novel Coronavirus
    Bring innovation home with Daikin's Patented Streamer discharge Technology that is capable of eliminating the most stubborn toxins from indoor air. Capable of inactivating 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 and eliminates other bacteria and viruses. Know More
  • Inverter
    Experience ultimate comfort and save big bucks as you live the life of your dreams with Daikin inverter ACs.
  • R-32: The Green
    Befriend the environment with R-32 refrigerant.
  • Heating &
    Experience the power of comfort--both for you and the environment with Daikin state-of-the-art Heating & Cooling technology.
  • Neo Swing
    Choose the coolest air and supreme level of comfort with Neo Swing Compressors.
  • Reluctance
    DC Motor
    For the modern consumers’ optimum comfort, Daikin inverter models are equipped with the reluctance DC motor within the compressor.
  • PAM
    Make way for salubrious air conditioning with Daikin's PAM control technology.
  • Super
    Experience a perfect combination of safety and comfort with Daikin's Super PCB design.
  • New Comfort
    Airflow Mode
    Make way for effective air circulation and efficient temperature distribution with Daikin’s Coanda airflow operation, designed to give you the best air-conditioning experience.
  • 3-D
    Adjust the air flow direction to increase your comfort with Daikin air conditioners.
  • Indoor Unit
    Lower the noise, up the comfort with Daikin air conditioners' indoor unit quiet operation.
  • Outdoor Unit
    Have a peaceful indoors and a tranquil outdoors with Daikin Outdoor unit quiet operation.
  • Intelligent
    A perfectly designed energy saving operation, save big bucks on your utility bills with Daikin's Intelligent Eye Operation.
    Set the limit for power consumption with Daikin's ECONO mode feature.
  • New Dry
    Mode Function
    Eliminate humidity while maintaining the indoor temperature as much as possible with New Dry Mode Function.
  • Power Chill
    Cool down your house so fast that it would be difficult to believe the amount of heat outside, with Daikin's Power Chill operation.
  • Voice Control
    with Alexa &
    Google Home
    When the world refuses to listen, turn to the air conditioners that listens. Learn more about Daikin air conditioners' Voice control with Alexa & Google Home feature.
  • Wifi
    Now you can control your air conditioner from anywhere in the world with Daikin's Wifi control feature.
  • IDU Display
    at Indoor Unit
    Control as per your convenience with Daikin's IDU Display at Indoor unit.
  • R/C with
    Back Light
    Change or check your features even during night time with Daikin's R/C with back light feature.
  • Smell Proof
    Choose your ambience, as you like it with Daikin's. Smell Proof operation.
  • Titanium Apatite
    Air Purifying Filter
    Breathe easy, breathe healthy with Daikin air purifiers.
  • Ag Ion
    Purify the indoor air with Ag ion filter in Daikin air purifiers.
  • Air Purifying
    Filter (PM2.5)
    Trap the minutest of toxins in the indoor air with Daikin PM2.5 Airpurifier filter.
  • Air Purifying
    Filter (PM0.1)
    Trap the minutest of toxins in the indoor air with Daikin PM0.1 Airpurifier filter.
  • Anti-microbial
    Live life illness free with Daikin's Anti-microbial filter.
  • Child
    Worry less, relax more with Daikin's Child Lock feature.
  • 24-Hr
    ON/OFF Timer
    Your air conditioner listens to you with Daikin's 24-Hr ON/OFF timer feature.
  • Count-up-down-ONOFF-timer Count up-down
    ON/OFF Timer
    Set the desired time and relax with Daikin's Count up-down ON/OFF timer.
  • Good Sleep
    Off Timer
    Save energy and live comfortably with Daikin's Good Sleep Off Timer.
  • Stabilizer
    Stablize the air conditioner's operation and maintain the voltage with Daikin's Stabilizer Inside feature.
  • Stabilizer
    Let your air conditioner function seamlessly, even during voltage fluctuations and live stress-free and comfortably with Daikin's Stablizer free operation.
  • Self -diagnosis
    Embrace the Daikin goodness with Self -diagnosis (RC,LED) display.
Privacy Policy
*T&C apply: (1) Stabilizer inside function is available in Inverter Range of hi-wall split ac only.
(2) Extended warranty of 10 Yrs on compressor and 5 yrs on PCB is only on Inverter Range of hi-wall split ac.
(3) 4 Hour Goodness promise - The time band is for 1st response from Daikin Authorised Service Center after the customer has shared his or her complete contact details with Daikin Call Center. The response time is applicable during working days only which is Monday to Saturday for all the calls registered till 3 PM. This is applicable only within municipal limits of State Capitals

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