Why should you invest in Daikin 1 ton split AC?

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Daikin 1 ton split AC

The rising heat and extremely unexpected climatic conditions have made it imperative to have an AC at our homes and workplace. There are a number of factors that one needs to consider while buying an air conditioner, comprising of the capacity, energy efficiency rating and much more.

Let's us dive right into the subject and discuss the many advantages of the best ac in India and what has made it so popular,

To begin with let us understand what is a split air conditioner? A split air conditioner system comprises of an outdoor unit along with a compressor and condenser. Attached to it comes an indoor unit that consists of an air handler. Basically, there’s an alignment set between these two units that packages the copper refrigerant tubing, a power cable and a drain for condensation purpose.

Unconventional split systems are different from packaged units i.e. window or conventional ACs, that houses all parts and components in one single cabinet. They are also not similar to the window units that also has a fan, compressor and coils fitted inside a window or wall-mounted in a box.

The split ACs also have an edge as they are noise free, reduce utility bills so power effective and are also energy efficient with its super cooling abilities.

A 1-ton split AC is suitable for compact and cozy rooms. They are also less expensive on the pocket as it utilizes lesser electricity to function. Inverter compressors that are available in ACs nowadays also regulate power basis the heat load.

The Daikin Split AC is one of the best ac in India and a convenient yet best option that deserves your attention. Besides automatic power and temperature adjustments, it can also manage temperature based on the heat load. This is due to the built-in variable speed compressor. The Daikin AC has a four-star energy efficiency rating, with an approximate annual consumption of 650 units. It comes with a PM 2.5 filter that ensures that the air inside is clean indoors. The AC comes with innovative Coanda airflow technology that assures even distribution of cool air and the econo mode supports power-efficiency of the model.


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