Should I Repair or Replace my AC? Here’s how you decide

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Repair or Replace my AC

My 2-ton AC is 10 years old and looks like it's wearing off. Should I call for repair? My 1.5 ton inverter split air conditioner is making more noise than usual. Should I replace it? Such questions are not uncommon when it comes to air conditioning. An air conditioner is a complex model made from several different parts with four major components the condenser, the compressor, the evaporator, and the expansion valve. It takes a well-oiled machine to get all these four components and several smaller parts to run in tandem to produce the cool air we all enjoy.

As you may have already experienced, repairing an AC is not cheap. In order to first do a health check and then replace any broken parts with authentic replacements, a lot of time and money is spent. So, where do you draw the line? Where do you say that enough is enough it's time to buy a brand new 2 ton AC or 1.5-ton inverter split air conditioner? Here are 3 things to consider that will help you decide whether to invest in a new AC.

Age of your AC- a lot of Indian middle-class homes have the original window AC installed more than a decade ago. It's hard-earned money that was wisely invested. Now, if the same window AC is not functioning properly, it is valid to ask if it's time to simply replace it. The answer depends on your usage. A 10-year-old AC may not be suitable for everyday use and may consume more energy than a newer split AC, thereby increasing not just your maintenance costs, but also your electricity bill. Unless an expert says that you cannot have a better model than your current window AC, it's time to say replace instead of repair.

Type of problem- it is very important to identify and understand the nature of the problem your AC is causing. Is the noise too loud? Does it randomly start to expel hot air? Is the problem recurring? In the first two cases, a fix of a singular component like a refrigerant recharge or a fan replacement might do the trick. However, if the problem is recurring, it indicates that the system might be compromised and needs a replacement rather than constant repair. Sometimes, the part that is causing the problem might not have replacements since the model isn't in supply anymore. In such cases, your maintenance expert might recommend buying a newer model rather than fixing it with a fake replacement.

Expert Opinion- no matter how much you read up about it, every AC model, especially models which are older than a decade, has its own way of functioning. Many times, even if the model is old, you might hear a repairman tell you that such models are great and aren't made anymore, so you should stick with it. While this is true, only an expert technician from your AC company can suggest the best option for you. They will consider all the factors including consumption patterns, repair costs, replacement issues, etc., and guide you to make the right choice. So, don't hesitate. Ask your Daikin Expert the final question Should I repair or replace my AC?


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