Should I Buy a 1-ton or 2-ton Split AC for My Home?

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Planning to buy an air-conditioner? How to choose the right one based on your space and architecture? This blog will help determine if a 1 ton 3 star split AC or a 2-ton split AC is more suitable for your area.

A 1-ton 3-star split ac or a 2-ton split ac - choose wisely.

How to figure out the appropriate tonnage?

The size of your room is key to figuring out the capacity of the air conditioner required. Check out the tonnage calculator online that will help you know your space.

1. The Unit Capacity

In contrast to the size of your space, a unit capacity that is too high or too low is bad news for any air conditioner. The air conditioner will not run a complete cycle or continue to run relentlessly, causing you to pay a heavy electricity bill.

2. The Size of Your Room

For smaller spaces with a room size less than or equal to 150 sq. ft., a 1-ton 3-star split AC works most efficiently and will also be pocket-friendly. For rooms larger than 150 sq. ft, one should go for a 2 ton split AC.

3. Top-Floor or Ground-Floor

Flats or homes on the top floor are generally warmer than the ones on the ground floor or lower levels. Individuals living on the top floor should consider purchasing AC with a higher cooling capacity.

4. Your Room's Ceiling

High ceilings increase the volume of space and require a larger AC unit for effective cooling.

5. Window Covering

Windows with good insulation require a smaller AC unit than those with poor insulation.

A 3-star or a 5-star air conditioner - which is better?

5-star air conditioners are more energy efficient, save more power and reduce the cost of utility bills in the long run. They also offer a better cooling experience while consistently managing power fluctuations. The downside of it - a 5-star air conditioner costs higher than an average 3-star air conditioner.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your home, opt for a 3-star air conditioner as it's budget-friendly and offers a decent power-saving and cooling capacity.

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