Portable Air Conditioners in India

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Portable Air Conditioners in India

Easy-to-move and handy-to-use portable air conditioners are much-suited for homes, office spaces, restaurants, or malls to create a soothing ambience; whenever, wherever.

Advantages of Buying a Portable Air Conditioner in India

1. Cost-Saving

Considered the best AC model in India, portable air conditioners are effective for cooling the space where it's located using less energy. If you own office space or a mall, running a portable air conditioner the whole day costs 5 times less than running a central AC unit! It is an excellent option if you spend most of your time in a single spot in your office or your living area.

2. Easy-to-Move

Regardless of the weight, portable air conditioners are easy to roll from room to room as the unit comes attached with wheels. Keep it in your study or home office during the day, slide it to the kitchen during dinner time and slide it to your bedroom for a good night's sleep!

3. Simple to Install

When you have a portable air conditioner, the set-up is no worry! Unpack it from its box, plug it and turn it on!

4. Offers different settings

Most portable air conditioners don't just offer cool air. Some models also provide various functions, such as a "dry" setting, useful in humid environments where mold and water damage are common.

Portable ACs are also helpful in removing harmful airborne particles — such as germs and bacteria, from the air. Improve indoor air quality and make your home much safer and more comfortable to be in.

5. More Affordable

Portable air conditioners are generally a lot more affordable than the other types. So much so that even a higher-end, high-tech portable air conditioner is an affordable cooling solution.

Invest in top-ranking portable air conditioners in India for quiet and efficient cooling. Daikin India offers the best AC model in India in the portable category. The salient features of Daikin's Portable or Floor-Standing Type Air Conditioners include filter signs, anti-bacterial filters, self-diagnosis functionality, etc.

The series includes FVQ with Cooling and Heat Pump and Inverter Technology, FVRN & FVQN with Cooling and Heat Pump, FVGR and FVPGR with Cooling only.

Manufactured exclusively for the Indian market, these air conditioners are instilled with modern technology, high efficiency, affordable pricing, and service excellence. For complete product-related information, type and pricing, log into www.daikinindia.com or visit your nearest Daikin store today!


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