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air conditioner in India

The summer is always on its peak during the mid months, but with the climatic changes, the need for an air conditioner is for almost 8-9 months. The temperatures as noted in several areas along with Urban environments can go up to 36-37 degrees Celsius. The harsh climatic impacts have not pardoned anyone and thus rural environments are no different. In such circumstances along with other preventive measures its absolutely necessary to pick the right air conditioner (AC) that suits you the best and that can cool the temperature enough for your suits your needs. Thanks to the times we are living in today the air conditioners are made affordable and even more efficient in these times.

In this blog we have made an attempt to make it easier for you to find your right air conditioner match. In this detailed guide it becomes a lot easier for you with this detailed guide on how to choose the best ACas per your need. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial pointer usage, you must keep in mind a few things before buying an air conditioner. Another handy tool is to compare the salient features and specifications of multiple ACs through our blog.


For ACs, we're focused on its cooling capacity, what kind of ambient temperature it's built for, filtration, the coolant used and a few of the smarter features that have now become common.

Firstly, let us look at the types of ACs and their functionalities that can incorporate every component inside and can benefit you in all aspects.

Window ACs are large bodies as they incorporate minute to minute component in their packaging. This also stands for the fact that there are fewer elements that can trouble you, while the single packaging makes it cheaper than the rest of the types of air conditioners available in the market. For this very reason such ACs are also termed as monoblocks. If you have to place your 5 star split AC onto  a wall, you will ideally need 9-12 inch wall space. If your walls are thin, an additional support is essential, or it's always better to have thick walls for these type of air conditioners.

Advantages of Window AC:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy Installation
  • Packaged design

Disadvantages of Window AC:

  • Noisy
  • Require thicker walls
  • Sturdy mounting

Split Air Conditioners are often seen as an improvement over Window ACs,as they tend to more efficient with less energy consumption and imparting for efficacy. Split ACs do not come in packaging like window ACs, instead are made by isolating the compressor and heat dispensing coils into an external unit that is placed outside your house. Maintenance of your split ACs is complex since the expert has to access the external unit.

It can also be limiting in terms of how far apart can the internal and external unit of the AC has to be  installed. The farther you position the two, the lesser efficient it becomes so you should ideally keep it low.


  • Expensive
  • Less noisy
  • Difficult installation


  • Coolant leaks risk

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