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Summer winter

Several parts in Northern India like Delhi experience extreme temperature fluctuations between the months of winters and summers every year. Many people across this region find the summers to be unbearably hot, while winters are uncomfortably cold. To deal with such a scenario, most people buy both air conditioners and room heaters for year-round comfort. This, however, not only adds to the number of appliances in a house, but also significantly increases the power consumption and electricity bills, both in summers as well as winters.


What if you could satisfy both your cooling and heating needs with just one appliance? Daikin has the perfect solution for your problem. Presenting the DTKL series of air conditioners with heat pump, that not only provides cooling during summers but also heats during winters.

Here’s how it works: a normal air conditioner functions by taking heat from inside the room and moving it outside. This is the reason why when standing close to the outdoor unit of an air conditioner, you feel hot air coming outside. Daikin air conditioner with heat pump works in a completely opposite way. It takes the heat from outside and pushes it inside, essentially reversing the cooling effect. By reversing the functions of a normal air conditioner, Daikin DTKL air conditioners are able to take heat from outside and transfer it inside to heat your room.


This type of functioning consumes much less electricity as it is not being used to generate heat, but instead, to transfer heat from outside the room to inside. Unlike room heaters that consume a high amount of electricity throughout the period they are switched on, air conditioners are significantly more power efficient. This is due to the fact that they have a built-in thermostat (a device which controls temperature). Some sources suggest that heat pumps can be up to 30-40% more efficient than regular room heaters.


If you are someone who is looking to stay comfortable all year round without burning a hole in your pocket, then Daikin’s FTXF Series with heat pump is the go to option. It can help you save big on your electricity bills and cut down on your power consumption while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

These air conditioners are poised to deliver a smart air conditioning experience through features like Quiet Operations, Intelligent Eye and Self-diagnosis. Designed for year round comfort, Daikin’s ATKL series is a power-packed machine, truly beyond imagination that offers you unmatched convenience and comfort.


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