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The best split AC in India

If you’re looking to buy a split air conditioner, then look no further! At Daikin, we keep your budget and needs in mind to ensure you have the absolute best of comfort! Learn what you need to have the coolest AC:

very best of comfortThe very best of comfort- The first thing to keep in mind is that your AC will make sure you’re your comfiest self at all times! Thanks to features like the Power Chill Operation and the Coanda Airflow, our air conditioners are designed to give you the best experience! The Power Chill Operation will instantly cool, even in 40 degrees weather. The Coanda Airflow will ensure every corner of your room is a cosy one while the Patented Neo Swing Compressor will decrease friction to provide smooth operation.

Your healthiest self awaits with our Streamer Discharge Technology that cleans the air by eliminating harmful substances and giving you a fresh environment!

r-32-eco-friendlyAll of our ACs use the R-32, an eco-friendly refrigerant that causes zero ozone depletion potential, 1/3rd global warming potential, lets out 75% less carbon dioxide emissions, and has an overall better life cycle climate performance. In summary, you’ll be the most eco-friendly AC user with us!


econo-modeWe prioritise innovation and ensure our ACs have the coolest features like the ECONO Mode, where one can limit maximum power consumption and enable efficient operation. Our smart ACs let you use Alexa, Google Home or a mobile app to control them. Additionally, there’s a Self Diagnosis feature that will identify an error and display it on the remote screen to aid with a quick resolution.


If you’re looking for an AC that will also be a heater, look no further! The FTHT series in our split air conditioners is unique with its heating function that’ll keep you snug through every chilly winter!

No matter where you are, there’s a service center to make sure you always get what you want! This along with our Peace of Mind plan ensures you’re always taken care of!

Daikin has some of the best split ACs in India and is an ideal choice no matter what your need is! Make unbeatable comfort, coolness, and quality your best friend.


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