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Ceiling Cassette ACs

An air conditioning unit works by moving air through a cooling element containing a refrigerant, which removes heat, transporting it to the condenser to be dispersed. A ceiling cassette air conditioning unit is no different and works on exactly the same principles; these units work the same way as wall-hung split system units. They differ from other types, primarily by the way they are mounted. As the name suggests, ceiling cassette units are mounted in the ceiling and are best suited to the floating or suspended variety of ceiling, where there is sufficient space to accommodate it. The indoor unit itself sits flush to the ceiling and distributes conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit. The outdoor unit of a cassette air conditioner is mounted outside; in much the same way as it would be for a conventional wall mounted split system unit. Be it in a residential building, office building, warehouse or a rental unit, cassette air conditioner units are very essential in keeping the environment cool and habitable.

The performance of cassette units is generally comparable to that of other types of systems, although because they are most commonly installed in commercial or office areas, they tend to be more powerful than wall-mounted systems. They are particularly well suited to circumstances where wall-hung split systems or other system types might not be an option.


Cassette units are fairly unobtrusive and come in a range of sizes and capacities, offering a reasonable amount of freedom when choosing where to install one. Generally, cassette units are more appropriate for larger areas because they take up a fairly large amount of space on the ceiling – and because the ceiling is normally composed of beams and joists, it is imperative to figure out exactly where the unit can be safely mounted. As a rule, a location that allows for clear, balanced air flow is also suggested for cassette units. The guidelines for installing an outdoor unit for a cassette type air conditioner are the same as those for any other split system air conditioner. Outdoor units should be mounted in stable places where they will not vibrate, where they have plenty of free space on either side to allow airflow, where they are easily accessible for maintenance, and where they are not likely to be exposed to corrosive substances. The noise factor also needs to be considered.

Energy efficient air conditioning units are becoming more and more popular across the globe as the expectations of a warmer climate and consumer comfort increase. Cassette air conditioning is one of the cleverest forms of air conditioning insofar as ceiling-mounted cassettes – mounted in a ceiling void so that only a fascia flush with the existing ceiling is visible – do not compromise wall or floor space but, nevertheless, allow optimum air flow in four different directions. Due to the fact that cold air falls, this ceiling-mounted unit offers excellent coverage. The units distribute air efficiently and assured of high coverage of the room. Provided that the fans inside are sufficiently powerful, this type of AC unit is able to cover a relatively large room. The condenser is situated outside of the building, which means that a ceiling cassette unit offers quiet operation. The units do not require long downtime for a place of business. They are conveniently located in the ceiling, providing an even air distribution. The latest cassette air conditioning systems are also highly energy efficient offering, for example, third-fourth fan speeds, digitally controlled timers, and filters which prevent growth of bacteria and mould.

The way the ceiling mounted cassette units are set up require that the compressor unit be located outdoors, and this can be relatively long distance away from the unit itself. Essentially, this means drilling holes through external walls, which would have to be done by a professional air conditioning installer. If a business operates from a floor in a multi-storey office, there is no guarantee that there will be enough clearance between the suspended ceiling and the floor above. If there is not, then this particular variety might not be suitable. Therefore, an alternative technology would need to be considered.

Daikin’s Answer to Cooling Needs

Featuring an elegant design and high-end cooling, Daikin's cassette air conditioners provide a perfect answer to cooling needs. The multi air-swing control provides multiple patterns to deliver maximum comfort. Designed with unique round side contour and new LED light location give the overall décor an attractive value addition.

Daikin’s FCF range of cassette air conditioners are designed to redefine air conditioning with 360⁰ airflow that cool the entire room to the desired temperature. Its revolutionary uniform air distribution spreads more widely and guarantees comfort. The unit additionally boasts of some amazing features that make it a perfect choice for summer. Energy saving and comfort on home cooling may be assumed with Daikin’s FKA series of cassette air conditioners. They have high-powered sensors that detect the cooling needs of a place and deliver the most appropriate cooling output automatically. This is truly an exemplary piece of engineering designed keeping in mind the future of air conditioning.


The Daikin’s FFF series of air conditioners uplift not only the décor but also the functionality of space. Featuring astonishing design and smart air conditioning, these units are quiet, compact, and powerful. They make the promise of consistent performance. The multi-flow air distribution makes space cooler like nothing else.


The FCVF-B/FCQ series is designed for today’s diverse space cooling needs, this next-generation air conditioning unit is extremely quiet and easier to maintain. Its comfortable 360⁰ round airflow delivers improved temperature distribution throughout the space. Its high-efficiency air discharge modes ensure optimal comfort and convenience every time.


Daikin’s FCQF series is a latest eight-way discharge panel air conditioner that delivers exceptional cooling performance without causing any noise disturbance. With its forced on feature, one can operate it even without remote. Its additional feature of automatic air swing delivers comfortable air in high ceiling rooms.

With so many options available, the brand guarantees satisfaction of choice and comfort.


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