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In the world of air conditioners, Daikin stands tall. With a huge range of world-class split ACs, it is the best air conditioner inverter brand. It has a variety of ACs of different tonnages, stars, and is loaded with unique features and next-generation technology.

From the smart FTKR AC to the health-giving JTKJ AC, from the innovative FTKZ AC to the comfortable FTKF AC, there's a model that suits everyone's. A few other products available are the FTKG AC, FTKM AC, FTKP AC, FTHT AC, FTKT AC, FTKL AC, etc. These ACs are not only powerful cooling machines, but they are also big on energy savings. An inverter is a device used to convert frequency. Inverter air conditioners can vary their cooling or heating capacity by adjusting the power supply frequency of their compressors. They are super powerful as they operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start up. The set temperature can be achieved quickly. By controlling the speed of the compressor, these air conditioners can consume less current and power, making them more environment-friendly than their non-inverter counterparts that start and stop suddenly. While the power consumption goes down when it stops, it, unfortunately, also skyrockets when it starts again. For this reason, inverter air conditioners are more energy-saving and comfortable.

The expansive features found in these appliances make AC the best ac to bring home. The Power Chill Operation comes to great use when one needs an escape from the summer heat. It cools the room 20% faster than if the AC were in normal mode, providing instant cooling. Our Patented Streamer Discharge is a technology that removes bacteria, dust, viruses, allergens, hazardous chemical substances, etc. from the indoor air. The Mobile App control feature erases the need for a remote and lets you turn off your AC virtually. The Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home lets you experience a whole new way to manage your air conditioner.

Inverter air conditioners are already a better option for the planet but ACs that also have ECONO mode only reaffirm commitment to the environment. This feature lets you save energy by limiting the maximum power consumption. For extra comfort, the Coanda Airflow circulates the cool air in the room to every nook and corner and prevents it from settling in one place. To make your living experience all the better, the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation allows the AC to function at a low noise level so that you can sleep undisturbed. Speaking of a good night's sleep, the Good Sleep Off Timer will switch off your AC automatically once it reaches a set temperature. This prevents you from having to wake up in the middle of the night to switch it off yourself. With all these goodness-filled features, you'll find the best ac for your home.

As much as we care for the air inside your home, we also care for the air outside. Sustainability is extremely important to us. We are not only the best air conditioner inverter brand, but we are also an environmentally conscious one. All our products use the R-32 refrigerant. This refrigerant is an improved and innovative one that has several benefits:

  • It has zero ozone depletion potential
  • It has a better life cycle climate performance than the earlier model
  • It emits 75% less CO2 emissions than the previous model
  • It has 1/3rd the global warming potential of the previous model

In summary, for the best ac that does not compromise on power, comfort, cooling, and environmental consciousness, the ideal option is Daikin.


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