Zanotti SpA for over 50 years designs, develops, manufactures and tests refrigeration equipment for food storage to cool, preserve and transport food products. Zanotti is a world leader and the company’s success is based on the constant research conducted to technologically improve energy saving efficiency and to find customized solutions aimed to meet customer demands. The products developed by Zanotti cover the needs of small to medium-sized cooling necessities, as well as the needs of logistic and storage centers. The transport refrigeration units complete the cooling series specifically designed for the short, medium to long distance transportation of food.

Product Lineup

Single block & bi-block cooling units for small medium-large capacities, condensing units and racks for single or multiple users, constitute large part of this product range.

The main characteristic of the Cooling refrigeration with Split and Bi-block units is that they are built in two parts: the condensing part, for installation, on the wall.

We divided the broad range of condensation units of Zanotti production in three large families of commercial refrigeration:

The Company uses the strong experience of its technical staff to design the new multi compressor refrigeration system always searching for the best production of components in the international markets in terms of materials quality.

This container refrigeration is a casing and refrigerating system that’s suitable for outside use without any particular protection against atmospheric agents.

Unit for refrigerated room are wall-mounting application on cold room walls. This small condensing unit is suitable for the preservation of fresh product.

This chiller unit work with the compact “chiller” liquids that make it possible to resolve the cooling issues of cold water industrial systems specifically built for outdoor installations.

Compression unit composed of housed casing in which compressor, liquid receiver, safety controls and assorted valves are assembled.

Special ice maker machine for the production of flake ice for industrial use, available in compact or split form. The various models are suitable for fixed or on-board applications.

A refrigeration system and a dual discharge evaporator, perfect for preserving grain, made with copper tube, 5/8", 400/3/50 fans, 500 - 560 mm diameter.

Cooling refrigerating system for wine bottles storage in small and medium size rooms, electronic controller managing both temperature and humidity. Small refrigeration system integrated humidifier available.

Zanotti’s food refrigeration division is a highly specialized branch which operates globally in the industrial refrigeration field.

A full range of condenser refrigeration with air cooled system made by axial, centrifugal fans and ec motors. The series of condensers for refrigeration system are split in AS, PS, VIC.

Full range of evaporator unit, coolers ceiling or wall mounted, double discharge, with axial or centrifugal fans, with air, electric, water or warm gas defrost.

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