Transport Refrigeration


Zanotti manufactures the greatest range of refrigerated transport product under the Transblock brand. The company differentiates itself by manufacturing a broad range of carrier refrigeration that can be tailored to a wide range of customer solutions.

Zanotti pays great attention to the quality of all components and materials used, as well as to the assembly and implementation technologies in order to ensure the consistency and the carrier refrigeration integrity of all products sold around the world.

Zanotti’s range for refrigerated transport of fresh and frozen food includes battery units, ”invisible“ units, direct drive units , all in split and monoblock versions for small and medium insulated bodies. For big insulated containers Zanotti manufactures Diesel units (Un0° Series) both in monoblock and undermount versions. The units are available with R404a and R134A refrigerant.

Product Lineup

The van refrigeration zer0° is the series characterized by a new and attractive design, less environmental impact and an upgraded electronic system.

Among all the small refrigeration unit we have the ultra-compact seize. The series is called “invisible” because it is installed under the bonnet.

The Direct Drive Split Units are special split for tropicalized or extreme high ambient temperaturetill 50°C. This refrigeration unit is supplied by a bearing structure in steel plate, an external casingin ABS, and a nose application.

The direct drive units are made with a new and attractive design, a less environmental impact and an upgraded electronic system. The refrigerated semi trailer is easy to use and quick to install and maintain.

This cold transport series is made by high quality materials that compose the split units, the bearing structure in steel plate, an external casing in ABS, and a nose application.

The monoblock diesel unit DFZ is a category of refrigerated mobile trailer with integrated auxiliary diesel power unit, nose mounting application.

Revolutionary new range of diesel refrigeration units with innovative technological concept which removes the needs for drive belts, reducing service intervals and costs and with improved efficiency.

The new logic, in the refrigeration transport system, is direct to find a coupling between combustion engine and compressor in order to eliminate the traditional kinematics (belts, pulleys etc..). In this way.

Sub-frame unit with a new technological concept designed to remove all kinematic mechanisms, thus reducing fuel consumption. Multi-temperature version that makes it possible to transport foods at set temperatures in separate cells.

The TFZ unit is able to develop power and performance in order to refrigerate trailers up to 15 mts length in a uniform and constant way.

This container refrigeration is a casing and refrigerating system that’s suitable for outside use without any particular protection against atmospheric agents.

Unit for refrigerated room are wall-mounting application on cold room walls. This small condensing unit is suitable for the preservation of fresh product.

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