Service and Teleassistance

An industrial installation cannot do without a correct, efficient technical assistance.

To ensure the safety of the refrigeration services, Zanotti has a service division with expert and highly qualified technicians, patented to make use of toxic gases, capable of acting immediately in case of emergency.

For an “intelligent” maintenance and to allow the client to concentrate exclusively on his business, baron thermodynamic offers training contracts for the personnel, programmed maintenance contracts, from normal survey to global service, with the “all inclusive” formula, tele-assistance services for installations with supervision systems, telematics and telephonic assistance to solve problems in real time and at low costs, supply of personalized original spare parts.

Within this range of services we also find the remote refrigeration, this process, as mentioned above, makes it easier for the customer to avoid worrying on aspects of his business.

For the installations with washable and sanitizable systems, our company offers a periodic and programmed sanitization service for all the equipment.

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