Refrigeration Systems For Catering

The industry of ‘collective food’ understood as production and distribution of foods and prepared meals, has an increasingly important role in the public catering for canteens, hospitals, airlines, trains, community and ceremonies.

The sector of the catering refrigeration needs modern plants, rational and hygienic with pressurized refrigerated areas and able to comply with the strictest international hygienic rules.

Zanotti has a great experience in the whole chain of cold applied to the production of prepared foods, starting from the conservation of food until the different stages of processing in hygienic air conditioned areas, from the reduction of temperatures to the freezing, from the sterile packaging to refrigerated automatized logistics platforms for distribution. In the plants with higher hygienic standards Zanotti installs its own refrigeration sanitizable systems of the series “airclean”, completely cleanable and sterilizable.

The refrigeration and catering equipment are factors where pay particular attention in order to operating in this area, Zanotti's attention has been on taking care of the comfort for operators with special air diffusion systems, without creating currents and turbulences.

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