• What is covered in a standard AC installation scope (High wall Split airconditioner – Capacity up to 2.0 TR)

    • Mounting and installation of indoor unit on wall
    • Placing the outdoor unit at serviceable location
    • Drilling one hole on a brick wall (no core cutting) to connect the Outdoor unit (ODU) with the Indoor unit (IDU)
    • Laying of interconnect copper pipe between indoor and outdoor unit (if provided with the unit). Vacuumising the piping along with indoor unit. Approved copper makes to be used
    • Laying of drain pipe for water and connecting with indoor unit.
    • Connecting ODU and IDU using standard wire length provided by the company and commissioning of the unit.
    • Sealing the holes with white cement / POP
    • Connecting ac stabilizer if provided by the customer in-between the main power point and the outdoor unit.
    • Fixing ODU stand if available
    • Checking the machine performance
    • Demo of the product
  • What all is included in the installation kit which comes with Daikin residential hi-wall split air-conditioners?

    With Outdoor Unit

    3m copper piping ( liquid + suction pipe ) with insulation1
    3.7 m interconnect cable ( communication cable )1
    Tie wraps for tying liquid and suction line together

    With Indoor Unit

    Remote handset1
    Indoor unit mounting plate1
    Installation/operation manual1
    Warranty card1
    Screws for fixing mounting plate1
  • What is not covered under standard Installation scope.

    • Drilling more than one hole for copper pipe connectivity between IDU and ODU
    • Thicker concrete wall needs specialized equipment, so drilling holes through them will incur additional cost (core cutting). No wall chiseling / civil or mason work is included
    • An additional voltage stabilizer, if there are voltage fluctuations in the area
    • Wiring extension from Electricity Meter to Installation site, Power point/MCB fitting and any other Electrical work will be organized by the customer from their side.
    • Any extra copper pipe length that might be needed for installation (as per customer’s site requirement) beyond the copper pipe supplied with the product and the labour charges for laying this additional copper pipe cost will be borne by customer.
    • Grill/glass cutting and welding work will be organized by customer from their side.
    • Uninstallation/Shifting of old AC
    • Outdoor stand if supplied by customer, labour charges for fixing same has to be borne by customer.
    • Ladder to be arranged by customer in case required at installation site.
    • In case piping is already pre-laid by customer during construction stage, then nitrogen pressure testing will be required after connecting outdoor and indoor. The cost of the same to be borne by customer.
    • Anything else not covered in standard installation will be chargeable.
  • What are the installation charges applicable for residential hi-wall split air-conditioner or window air conditioner customer.

    Installation Charges applicable for RA / WAC Customer

    Sr. NoInstallation ItemsUnitWACSAC
    1Site inspection Charges*Per Unit350350
    2Installation Charges (Standard) New InstallationPer Unit5001500
    3DismantlingPer Unit400600
    4Re-installation of Existing ACPer Unit5001500
    5Extra Copper Piping** (beyond the available in Kit) with insulationPer MtrNA850
    64 Core Wire - 1.5 Sq mm ( Interconnect cable )Per MtrNA150
    73 Core Wire - 2.5 Sq mm ( Main power supply )Per MtrNA120
    8Drainpipe ( 1" insulated wire mesh pipe )Per MtrNA100
    9Standard Wall mount StandPer UnitNA850
    10Labour charges for fixing wall mounting stand (if supplied by customer)Per Unit250250
    11Labour charges for fixing copper pipes** (if supplied by customer)Per MtrNA150
    12N2 Pressure Testing for already installed copper pipesLumsumNA600

    Terms & Conditions

    • No Electrical work included in any sort of installation
    • No Wall chiselling / Civil or mason work is included in any sort of installation.
    • It should be on actual chargeable basis to customer.
    • GST applicable as per the government norms.
    • If anything additional required which is not covered above would be on actual chargeable basis.
    • *In case customer is getting installation done post site inspection, charges for same will be adjusted against total installation cost
    • ** Approved copper makes to be used

    Ladder to be arranged by customer in case required at installation site.

    Installation price for split AC will cover following:

    Mounting and installation of indoor unit on wall, Making hole on wall for taking out copper tubes and filling it with white cement, Placing the outdoor unit at serviceable location, Interconnection of copper pipes. Connection the wiring and commissioning the units. Installation of stabiliser provided by customer. Vacuumising of copper pipe.

    These changes will be effective from 1stth Mar’ 21 and valid till rescinded.

  • What are the objectives of the Energy Labeling Scheme?

    The objectives are:

    • Provide consumers with energy efficiency information of labeling product to make purchase decision.
    • Differentiate the product by energy efficiency and simulate introduction of cost effective, energy efficient technology.
    • Enhance effort to promote environmental protection initiatives through usage of energy efficient product
  • What is the estimated electrical consumption of an air conditioner per month?

    The estimated electrical consumption can be calculated by using the following formula:

    Estimated Electrical Consumption = Input (kW) X No. of hours used X No. of days per month X Current Utility Rate

  • What is the average life span of a residential air conditioner?

    Generally, the average life span of any air conditioner is six to seven years. This is subjected to usage pattern and regular servicing of the air conditioner by a qualified air conditioner technician.

  • What is an Inverter air conditioner? Is this more efficient than a non-Inverter conventional air conditioner?

    An Inverter air conditioner delivers cool air by varying the frequency of the compressor, and thus regulates the refrigerant to satisfy room cooling requirements and achieve the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations. It eliminates waste with precise control. In this way, it is more energy efficient.

  • Where can I find a good installer / contractor?

    See full list of Daikin Authorized Dealers on our Website

  • How to ventilate well to ensure clean and comfortable experience?

    Click here to know about this in detail

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  • The air conditioner produces an unpleasant odor.

    Room, furniture and cigarette smoke odors enter the indoor unit and remain in the unit. When the air conditioner is turned on, it blows the accumulated odors together with air. (It is recommended to clean the inside of the indoor unit. Call the contact center.)

    • The power cord and plug are extremely hot or damaged.
    • Abnormal noise is produced during operation.
    • Foreign items or water entered the air conditioner accidentally.
    • Circuit breaker, fuse or earth leakage circuit breaker trips frequently.
    • The ON switch or button sometimes fails to operate the air conditioner.
    • Burning odors are produced.
    • Water leaks from the indoor unit.
    • The Operation lamp blinks, and the temperature indicator displays two alphanumeric characters.
      (The display indicates the type of error. Check the alphanumeric characters and notify your dealer when requesting a repair.)
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