A new range of air purifiers to keep your indoor air clean and healthy

12 November, 2021
your indoor air clean and healthy

Respiratory diseases. common cold or flu cause trouble all across the year, for both kids and adults. It gets worse during changing weather when the air is MI of pollutants. People use air purifiers for different reasons. For most of us, air purifiers serve the more general purpose of keeping home air. Cleaner and healthier Daikin air purifiers claim to be an additional measure in the fight against respiratory diseases. The brand claims it comes with triple-cleaning technology that ensures elimination of allergens, such as moulds. mites (droppings and dead mites), pollens and naz miens chemical substances with its patented streamer discharge technology and active ion technology.

According to the brand, "Its electrostatic HEPA filter traps and removes fine particles with up to 99.97% efficiency These unique filters remove up to PM 0.3 particles and other pollutants with electrostatic forces. Triple detection technology helps detect fine dust particles coarse dust particles and odour while going one step further in optimising air purifier operation to best suit your mom conditions.

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