India to phase out ozone-harming gases by 2023; industry says ready

20 August, 2021

The Indian government has taken a major step towards phasing out the use of ozone-depleting gases in the cooling industry, with the Cabinet ratifying the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol that aims to reduce consumption of such environmentally harmful substances.

The Kigali Amendment is the first and only legally binding treaty on climate change. The air conditioning and refrigeration market that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) has over the years moved to relatively environmentally friendly technology. According to the cooling industry, companies have already been complying with the aim to cut HFC usage and most leading players do not even use such gases.

The move by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday would ensure compliance and time-bound action on phase-down of HFCs. The use of air conditioners is expected to grow over 10 million units a year by 2022. eight years before the HFC production freeze will kick in.

The Union Cabinet decided to develop a national strategy for phasing down HFCs by 2023, so that industries can draw a roadmap for action.

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