Daikin aims to contribute to energy conservation via innovative products

14 February, 2022

Daikin is committed to decarbonising its cooling solutions in order to drive the growth of green industries, green jobs, green skills, green entrepreneurs. and green solutions. It is. therefore, essential to develop a sound, data-driven analytical framework and assess the implications of green growth for India. India's development goal is to deliver sustainable prosperityto its people so that they may lead peaceful. fulfilling lives in a clean and green environment. Achieving this goal requires that the Indian economy be simultaneously transformed to proactively adopt green choices.

In this context, net zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of green house gasemissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. According to KJ Jawa, Chairman and Managing Director. Daikin India. The green construction sector in India currently lacks the funding to pay for construction as well as the technical expertise to execute projects. These remain the biggest barriers to building green and require an entrepreneurial regulatory approach.

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