Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2022

5 May, 2022
Daikin AC Technologies in India-2022

With the temperatures setting new records every summer, the best option is to have an air-conditioner (AC). An AC that can work effectively in tropical climate of India where the temperature soars to 50oC. Daikin is an Japanese air conditioning company providing reliable and safe air-conditioning solutions to beat that extreme heat. In fact, Daikin was the first company in Japan to offer air conditioning systems. With primary focus on the air-conditioning and secondary business of fluorochemicals (refrigerants), Daikin operates in more than 150 countries. For quality control, Daikin ensures compliance with international quality check standards. The production process adopted by Daikin protects the environment by reducing the noise levels and lowering the power consumption. Daikin is one of the fastest growing AC brand in India with growth rate in double digits. Sighting the good acceptability and demand from Indian consumers, they have started a new AC manufacturing plant in Neemrana which became operational last year in 2017.

For residential users, Daikin only offers split ACs. While for commercial and industrial users there is a wide gamut of options—cassette, ducted and VRV (variable refrigerant volume). In this article we would be focusing on the residential ACs from Daikin.

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