Clean air, better care by Daikin

21 July, 2021

No one expected it, but the pandemic taught us one thing — when it comes to health, one should never compromise. While many are still staying home to stay safe from Covid-19, a good question to ask yourself is, 'Exactly how hygienic is my home?'.

To ensure the same, Daikin has launched two new air purifiers, globally. Now available in India, too, they offer utmost safety with the help of modern technology. For instance, Daikin's patented Streamer Discharge Technology provides an extra layer of security to your health. The streamer discharge generates high-speed electrons that combine with oxygen and nitrogen to create active species with a strong oxidative decomposition power for eliminating viruses and allergens, such as moulds, mites, pollen and hazardous chemical substances such as formaldehyde.

With that, the streamer also uses Active Plasma Ion Technology, which releases ions into the air that combine with particles to form species with strong oxidising power like OH radical. They decompose proteins in the air and reduce allergens, fungi, bacteria and odour. They also deodorise ammonia and increase moisture, thus offering a double layer of protection.

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