Clean Rooms

Zanotti has been working for years on the hygienic treatment of air, with pollution control, by means of its washable and sanitizable conditioning equipment “airclean”, in all this, the clean room technology is fundamental in order to prevent any kind of contamination.

The units, projected to avoid water stagnation and consequently problems of bacteriological pollution (salmonella) are provided with an automatic washing system and manufactured according to “hygienic design” criteria, complying with EU regulations, with filter systems from G3 to H13.

A central role in the clean room technology, is hold by Hvac clean room system, the most important and complex cleanroom system which allows the regulation of several parameters including: cleanliness, humidity, pressure and temperature of the reference environment.

The Hvac clean room system meet all the requirements of current regulations, enabling a comfortable environment where temperature control, and moisture content, reach a high level of precision.

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