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What is a Career? Ask ten different people and you will be amazed to find ten different answers. This is simply because this word has several connotations and means different things to different people. Some people associate career with financial stability, some with social security, yet others with fame and recognition. A career is all that surely, but beyond the money, fame and recognition, a good career is a journey---a journey of learning and self-discovery.

Very often, a person with a great career is not the one who has earned the highest or has achieved great power, but the one who has evolved the most. Career is all about upgrading oneself continuously, learning new things every day, challenging yourself to scale greater heights each time and most importantly building stronger relationships with people around you.

Daikin globally is well renowned not just for its exemplary business presence, but also for having created and sustained a strong brand resonance amongst stakeholders. Today, the name Daikin has become synonymous to comfort and this has been achieved by weaving together a powerful network of systems, people and processes to bolster the brand imagery. Daikin India is an extension of the same imagery.

As an employer, we stand out because of:

  • Our strong Japanese parentage.
  • Our focus on People Centered Management.
  • Significant emphasis on human capital.
  • Open-door culture that breeds innovative thinking and fast decision-making.
  • A huge yet diverse talent pool, handpicked for their expertise in their respective fields.
  • An environment where creativity is fostered and nurtured, both for individual and organizational goals.

When you are in Daikin, you’re not just in a job; you are in one big family, cohesive, enthusiastic and driven by performance. That is the culture here at Daikin!!!

  • Absolute Credibility

    As an employer, we stand out because of:

    • Accepting responsibility for the consequences of your decisions and actions
    • Following through on commitments that you have made
    • Confronting conflict situations in an honest & direct manner
    • Consistently demonstrating high levels of integrity in your daily contacts with others
    • Going to bat for your direct reports when you feel they are right
    • Being willing to speak out on issues when your view is unpopular
  • Enterprising Management
    • Demonstrating extraordinary levels of energy & effort
    • Establishing high performance goals & standards
    • Making decisions based on what is best for the customer
    • Rewarding people for trying new things
    • Keeping up to date with leading edge developments in your field of function
    • Demonstrating high level of skill in your functional area
    • Focusing your time & energy on the most important priorities
    • Helping people understand how their jobs contribute to overall success of the business
    • Giving people candid, even-handed feedback
    • Handling pressure smoothly & effectively
  • Harmonious Personal Relations
    • Actively looking for ways to increase value & satisfaction for the customers
    • Establishing a climate of openness & trust
    • Establishing team or group goals as well as individual goals
    • Demonstrating to be a good team player
    • Encouraging an open exchange of ideas & different points of view
    • Encouraging people to collaborate with others

YLP is a unique opportunity for young leaders to develop skills, professional will and humility in order to instill a fresh and energetic outlook into the working of the organization. Some salient aspects of the Young Leaders Program at Daikin include:

  • It is aimed at developing trainees and bringing them to a pedestal where they can be leaders of tomorrow.
  • Trainees are imparted a series of classroom trainings, from topics as diverse as product knowledge, sales process, production management, supply chain flow, excel training, etc.
  • Trainees are placed on a 6-month OJT (On-the-job training) where they interact with various departments and business units to understand the overall business scenario.
  • A constant mentor to guide each trainee throughout the process.

In a rapidly changing business scenario, where departments cease to work in silos, the Young Leaders Program aims to hone and nurture young minds who can carry forward the baton of leadership for Daikin in years to come.

Tanoshii Chimu is a Japanese word. In English, it translates to Fun Team. In Daikin India, we believe that a fun workplace always leads to more engagement for employees and serves as a perfect motivation for work. Below is a list of activities that team Tanoshii Chimu organizes for its employees:

  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Sapling Plantation Drives
  • Sports & Games Competition (Cricket, Football, Volleyball, T.T, Athletics, Chess etc)
  • Online Activities and contests
  • Tie up with NGOs for various social philanthropic activities
  • Festival Celebrations (Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day and many more)

At the heart of Tanoshii Chimu lies its intent --- to spread joy, happiness and smiles amongst all employees.

  • For a company which prides itself in being specialists in airconditioning technology, Training has always been one of Daikin’s biggest competitive advantages.
  • A dedicated, state-of-the-art training center A.C.D.C (Airconditioning Technology Development Center), situated in Neemrana caters to a platter of training activities around the year.
  • Equipped with several lecture rooms and practice rooms for our wide range of products, A.C.D.C serves to cater to Daikin’s philosophy of blending theoretical knowledge with vestibule style learning pedagogy.
  • Chance to attend overseas training programs in locations like Japan, Singapore, China and Thailand, hence providing international exposure to worldwide practices in airconditioning.
  • Focus both on up-skilling as well as cross-skilling of employees, thus ensuring a holistic growth of an individual.

Daikin India’s compensation and benefits philosophy is driven by its culture which rewards meritocracy above everything else. Rewards and recognition are commensurate with the tasks and responsibilities assigned, and high performers are incentivized to ensure that work motivation is always high. There is a special policy on Rewards & Recognition, doled out on a half-yearly basis, which seeks to acknowledge and applaud the best performers in that half. Also, good performers are offered opportunities to work in a cross-functional team, as and when there is a vacancy. Daikin India, much like its Japanese parentage, has always practiced a very transparent Benefits & Rewards system, and will continue to practice the same.

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