Your guide to buying a 5 Star Air Conditioner

5 Star Air Conditioner

Often while buying air conditioners, customers are not aware of what they should be looking for, but keeping your product's star rating in mind is essential. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency India, ACs can range from 1 to 5 stars, depending on their cooling capacity and energy efficiency. At Daikin, we highly recommend that you invest in 1.5 ton 5-star air conditioners. You might opt for an AC with a lower star rating because it appears to be less costly, but 5-star Split AC will be kinder to your wallet in the long run, as they will protect you from years of hefty electricity bills. 5 Star air conditioners are energy efficient and hence, you end up consuming less power while using them than you would with an air conditioner of a lower star rating. The price will still vary according to the model that you choose to go with, but overall, a 5-star AC will give you your money's worth.

It is our mission to deliver continuous customer satisfaction through high quality products while staying true to our responsibility towards society and the environment. Our 5-star air conditioners do not fall short on representing our values. We have a range of ACs with a plethora of unique and innovative features that bring the best of comfort, convenience, and coolness to your lives.

FTKM-seriesOur FTKM series, for example, is designed to satisfy your needs with its Coanda panel that creates an airflow pattern that guarantees coolness and comfort for your home. In the same series of air conditioners, one can also find other unique features such as the Indoor Quiet Unit Operation that gifts you a good night's sleep, the Power Chill Operation which assures a quick drop in temperature, the eco-friendly Econo Mode, and the impressive Self Diagnosis feature which quickly spots an error and works on its resolution. You can find similar features in our other air conditioners, such as in our health-giving JTKJ ACs.

JTKJOur JTKJ series' main feature is its Patented Streamer Discharge technology, that cleans indoor air by removing viruses and unwanted odours, ensuring you and your family can live in a healthy environment. This technology has proven to decompose over 200 viruses, including Covid-19! The JTKJ series also boasts of the Intelligent Eye Feature which uses its remarkable infra-red sensors to detect when the room is empty and automatically reduces the power for greater efficiency! Some of the other features you can find in our 5 Star ACs are Mobile App and Voice control with Alexa and Google Home, so that you never need to look for a remote again!

Other than our innovative technology and unique features, you should consider buying a Daikin air conditioner for our warm and reliable customer service and our convenient warranty period. Our air conditioners come with a year's warranty on all parts except grill and plastic parts, and our customers get to enjoy a 10-year warranty on our Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and a 5-year warranty on our compressors. Our customer service is reliable and hands-on, ensuring your experience with Daikin is one that is more than worth it.

The technology that we use at Daikin, from the environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant that is used in all our air conditioners to the Patented Streamer Discharge technology that has proven time and time again to be your health's best friend, never disappoints. We will always provide our customers with the best, and in the same spirit of looking out for their interests, we recommend 5-star ACs that cools powerfully yet efficiently. No matter what your need, at Daikin there's always something for you.


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