Winter Checklist for your Air Conditioning Tune-Up

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Wondering why you're going to need an AC tune-up in the peak winters of Delhi? You're not alone. It is quite natural to assume that now that the summers are behind us, the AC mains can just be switched off until next year. However, that may not be the best thing to do in the long-term running of your air conditioner. In fact, you never know when you're going to need a portable air conditioner India !

But for now, before we get into the things you need to do to keep your air conditioner in good shape for the next summer, let’s take a look at why a winter tune-up is necessary. Here are a few reasons:

Fix the heavy load of summers - With temperatures soaring high this year, we are sure you would have been using your air conditioner almost 24x7. While an AC manufacturing company like Daikin ensures you purchase the best-in-class AC with innovative features to take the maximum load with maximum energy efficiency, your AC would have gone through some wear and tear over the past few months. A tune-up now will keep it under prime condition for whenever you need to use it next.

Get it done before peak traffic - How many times have you needed to repair a home appliance at the last minute? And how many times have service technicians postponed their visits due to prior workload? Yes, an AC manufacturing company like Daikin works to resolve your service request at the fastest turn-around time with trained technicians deployed across the country, but still, getting a maintenance check before the peak summer season will be beneficial for you. You wouldn't have to wait too long for the tech team to get to your home and you would have completed a major task at hand before the summer.

Save up if needed - A service check in the winter also ensures that in case you have any major repairs or breakdowns to fix, you can save up for its expenditure before the summer and ensure that the original, authentic parts get to you before it's too late. The Daikin Annual Service Care Plan provides regular, quarterly maintenance checkups to avoid any unforeseen repairs or breakdowns.

Now that you know the benefits of getting a service check done during the winter, let's take a look at the top action items that should be on your checklist for the air conditioning tune-up. You can also view this as a DIY checklist in case of no major servicing jobs as required.

Check and clean air filters - The first and most important check in terms of frequency is your air filters. Make sure all the dust accumulated over the months is neatly cleaned. A clean air filter ensures the airflow is smooth and also improves the air quality. It is recommended to clean your air filters once a month if you're prone to dust allergies, or at least once in ninety days otherwise.

Clean up the outdoor unit and surrounding areas - If the outdoor unit is accessible to you, you can try to dust it to ensure there's no bird's nest or other such coverings on it. The cleaner you keep the surrounding areas, the lesser the chances of any third-party allergens entering the complex workings of your air conditioner.

Keep the mains off - This is not a compulsory task to do, but it's better to turn off your AC main switch if you are not using it regularly. Energy is saved and any electrical failures can be avoided.

Cover your AC - If you aren't using your AC regularly or are away from home for a while, it may be a good idea to cover your AC if possible. This will help reduce dust accumulation in the filters and the outer coverings and save you some cleaning time.

Schedule a service - Apart from the above DIY measures, it is highly recommended to schedule a maintenance check for the technical servicing parts. This includes cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, inspecting and cleaning the drain line and drain pan, lubricating the blower and condenser fans, etc.

Learn more about the services we at Daikin cover under the Daikin Annual Service Care Plan and why you should subscribe to it with your next Daikin AC purchase.


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