Why should a Split System Air Conditioner be on your list?

Split System Air Conditioner

When you think of an AC, window-mounted AC units might seem like a good option. But don't jump into it too fast! Many users often make mistakes with an AC installation because of haste. If you have ever used a window AC, you would know how incredibly noisy, relatively inefficient, and difficult to install they are.

Before you make an investment, be sure to weigh your options. A great alternative solution for cooling your home would be a split air conditioner. These units are easy to install and have several other advantages that make them the best option for your household.

If you wonder why people often prefer and recommend a Daikin split air conditioning system, read on, and you will find your answer.

Hassle-free Installation Process

Unlike window air conditioning systems, installing a split system is comparatively quite easy. People believe having a split AC means ductwork and all other complicated stuff. But what they don't know is that just 3 inches in diameter opening are required to connect your outdoor and indoor units. Split air conditioners manufacturers offer different lengths for refrigerant tubes, to allow your indoor and outdoor unit to be up to 100 feet apart.

Greater Energy Efficiency

If you're looking for an energy efficient cooling system, Daikin Split AC is the answer. A split system offers a ductless design, this increases your energy savings and saves you a buck on future utility bills. If used efficiently, ductless air conditioners can even manage to exceed double the efficiency of a standard air conditioner, achieving above 30 SEER.

Quiet Operations

Who doesn't like peace and calm? A split AC unit can operate as silently as 19 decibels. You'll be amazed to know this is significantly quieter than a window unit.

Increased Security

A window AC means giving intruders a way into your home. So split system air conditioner is a lot more security friendly. A 3-inch home in the wall doesn't pose much threat to your home's safety; on the contrary, an open hole in your wall may target you for an easy break in.

Easy on the Eyes

A split AC means flexible indoor installation-hang them on walls or suspend them from your ceiling- it's hassle-free. Moreover, they are super elegant and just add to the general vibe of your household and are aesthetically appealing.

We are sure you know why a Split System Air Conditioner should be on your list. Look for the best air conditioner in India, and make sure you choose a split-type system. It's a choice you won't regret.


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