Why 3-star ACs are popular in India and should you invest in one?

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3 Star AC

An air conditioner in an upper-middle-class or even a middle-class home is not uncommon in India, thanks to Daikin India's extensive choice of air conditioners offered at accessible costs. The prime reason for this shift in increased consumption of air conditioners is of course, the Indian weather. While it may be relatively cooler for six to eight months a year, being a tropical country, most cities in India experience a harsh summer for at least 2 months, if not more.

Here's where choosing the optimum AC comes in handy. It's budget friendly and covers your needs sufficiently when required. The 3-star AC and particularly a 1 ton 3 star split AC is a popular choice for the Indian market. To know why, it's first essential to understand the star rating system and what it means.

What is a star rating?

Simply put, a star rating of any air conditioner is the indicator of its energy efficiency. It gives the consumer an idea about the power required to run the AC and is awarded by BEE, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

How does the star rating work?

The higher the number of stars, the more energy efficient your AC is and the more expensive it is to buy. The scale of a star rating varies from 0 to 5. So, while a 2- or 3-star AC can be cost-efficient in the short run, a 5-star AC is bound to be the best AC model in India.

Why choose a 3-star AC?

Yes, even though a 5-star air conditioner is the best, it saves on the electricity bills only if your consumption is all year round. A 1 ton 3 star split AC on the other hand, has a lower initial buying cost and for a country like India where you would probably require the air conditioner for 2 to 3 months a year, it is a wise investment decision. For a hard-working middle-class Indian family, a 3-star air conditioner is definitely an affordable luxury that won't tear into your pockets too deep!


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