Which Split AC is Best for Home?

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If you are a homeowner and looking to install a split AC in your abode, this post is especially meant for you. First and foremost, you are most likely to buy a split AC due to its numerous features. This is why air conditioner brands have launched a wide range of split air conditioners in different sizes and designs for households. Though they may cost a bit high as compared to window ACs, split ACs come with a wide assortment of features that given them an upper edge over its counterparts.

For example, split ACs highlight features like sleep mode, silent operation, auto restart, inverter compressor, timer, and others. Despite being complex to install, split ACs have become a hot favorite among today’s households across the country. Even, there are ACs that are ideal for all types of weather including winter which means you can enjoy warm and comfortable environment in your home even during winters.

Which Split AC is Best for Home?

In order to get the best out of your split AC, it is necessary to invest in the right split AC. Deciding the best one may be a bit difficult since there are different brands of ACs available in the market. Hence, for your reference, below are some of the most popular split ACs to choose from. Let’s take a look at the top 5 split ACs that are meant for both home and office usage.

1. Carrier AI Flexicool Inverter Split AC

This splits AC by Carrier comes with the revolutionary Flexicool inverter technology which means the AC adjusts its power given the heat load. This technology also allows the users to control the cooling capacity of the AC unit which helps in saving up to 50% of the electricity during operation.

Carrier Flexicool Inverter Split AC has 10 years warranty on compressor, 5 years on PCB, and 1 year on the overall product. Its genuine copper condenser coils have aqua clear protection that prevent rust & corrosion lead to improved cooling and optimum comfort.

There are 4 different tonnage modes in this AC which allows the users to get a personalized cooling experience at just the touch of a button. Its hydro blue coating not only delivers superior cooling performance but also increases the lifespan of the AC.

2. Voltas Adjustable Inverter Split AC

This stylish and energy-efficient Voltas 2 Tonne 5 Star Adjustable Inverter Split AC is a wonderful choice when it comes to keeping your home clean during summers. The AC has two copper condensers, a 4-in-1 adjustable mode, and 245V VECTRA PLUS. The air conditioner, with a 5-star rating, provides unmatched cooling and power saving. This superior quality split air conditioner's adjustable mode allows users to personalize the temperature as per their preferences, and its copper condenser provides enhanced longevity and hassle-free performance.

3. Daikin Streamer Discharge Split AC

The next product in the list is Daikin’s Streamer Discharge Split AC which comes with 5 years warranty on PCB which means more peace of mind. Some of the major features of Daikin AC are Intelligent Eye, Sleep Off Timer, Patented Streamer Discharge Tech, Swing Compressor, Power Chill Function, Dual Flap Airflow, in-built Stabilizer, and more.

If you are in quest for which split AC is best, you can rely on Daikin’s next-gen air conditioners that guaranteed unmatched cooling performance for longer years while saving big on power consumption. Most importantly, the AC has the highest ISEER rating of 6.2 and triple display.

4. Lloyd Inverter Split AC

Another best cooling system is the 1.5 Tonne 5-star inverter split air conditioner from Lloyd. It can cool down even at 52°C thanks to its 5-in-1 convertible function. It also has a 10-meter air throw and an antiviral + PM 2.5 air filter. Quick cooling (18°C in 45 seconds) is made possible by low gas detection and turbo cool capabilities. Moreover, it features an auto restart option for power outages. This is among the greatest split air conditioners for any space overall.

5. Panasonic Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split Air Conditioner

Panasonic 1 Tonne 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split air conditioner is a smartly air conditioner that is designed for gen-z households. The air conditioning unit has capabilities that let you connect to your AC with your smartphone via Wi-Fi and the MirAie App. Conveniently, the unit can be controlled by speech thanks to its integration with Hey Google and Alexa. It has a PM 0.1 filter for air purification, a 7 in 1 convertible mode with an additional AI mode, and a 4-way swing with a concealed display for added convenience. Your house will feel cosy and cool thanks to this air conditioner.

The Conclusion

If you are confused about which split AC is best, you can consider the split air conditioners and decide the best one matching your cooling requirements and budget. The mentioned air conditioners have topped all tests done by experts regarding cooling performance and power savings.


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