Which ac is suitable for 12x12 room?

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As temperatures across the world are reaching new heights with every passing year, it has become necessary for people to have a comfortable environment at home. Having this kind of setting can help them rejuvenate their body and soul and prepare for various chores of life. This is where installing an air conditioner seems to be the most effective way of having cool and clean air at home. Be it chilling at home with family members or enjoying restful sleep at nights, investing in a good quality air conditioner helps a person in various things.

Now, if you are looking to buy an air conditioner for upcoming summers of 2024, it is recommended to choose an AC of the right capacity given your room size. Though there could be different sizes of rooms available at our homes, the most common room size is 12 x 12 feet. This is why most people search for which AC is suitable for 12 x 12 room? We will try to find out the answer is the following post.

In general, a 12 x 12 room is considered a small room with a total area of 14 sqft. According to air conditioning experts, such a room would request an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5000 BTU if there are two people in the room. If there is proper shading, you would need a 4500 CTU capacity AC. On the contrary, if there is good amount of sunlight, a 5500 BTU would be sufficient. Do remember that you would extra 600 BTU for every extra person. If there is a kitchen of this size, you would need additional 4000 BTU.

Understanding the cooling of the air conditioner that is required is the initial step to search for and buy an air conditioner for the room. Further, you’ll need to decide type you should prefer, where you should install it and how much does it cost.

Which type of air conditioner should you use?

A 12×12′ room is considered a small size room. You possibly need to keep in mind a number of things such as a split air conditioner, a window AC, or portable. So, which type of AC is suitable for your application?

If you want to buy an AC for a bedroom that has windows, the cheapest AC is the window air conditioner. A majority of window air conditioners cost around INR 20000 to INR 25000 only compared to split air conditioners at nearly INR 30000 to INR 450000.

While finding an air conditioner for a 12 x 12 room, do remember that window air conditioners may product some kind of noise during operations which may disturb your sleep. So, it is better to choose a split AC, and particularly an inverter AC which not just works silently but also delivers optimized cooling.

If you ready to shell out a bit extra money, it is recommended to choose a split AC which is always a better choice that a window AC. For example, split ACs provide better energy efficiency as compared to window ACs over longer periods.

For the avoidance of doubt, avoid choosing any air conditioner that has a duct. It's too expensive and troublesome for a little space like this. Then, portable air conditioners are just as noisy as window air conditioners, if not more so.

From the aforementioned information, you would be in a better position to choose an AC of the right capacity for a 12 x 12 room.


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