What to look for when looking for the best air conditioner in India?

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best air conditioner in India

Daikin ACs are packed with amazing features, great energy-saving technology and offer exceptional cooling performance. Also, these ACs greatly improve the decor of your room. Available in a variety of capacities and designs, you can shop the Daikin ACs at reasonable prices too. If you are on a lookout for the most energy efficient air conditioners for your homes, choose from the below most energy efficient ACs by Daikin India.


FTKGThe perfect answer to today’s air conditioning needs, this Daikin AC series allows you to save more with its next gen inverter features such as ECONO mode, COANDA air flow, Power Chill operation and more. The ACs in this series are available in 3.5, 5.0, 6.0 kW cooling capacities.


FTKPBeat the heat with Daikin’s FTKP series of inverter air conditioners. It comes with PM2.5 filter which gives a contaminant free air conditioning experience to you. Moreover, its 3D air flow ensures uniform cooling, reducing compressor running time and resulting in power savings.


FTKLLoades with modern features, Daikin’s FTKL series redefines modern air conditioning with its new-age air conditioning technology. Some of its great features are Dust PM2.5 Filter, COANDA airflow, Power chill operation, and more!


Offering excellent energy efficiency and durability, these air conditioners have minimal maintenance throughout its operating life cycle. Daikin air conditioners boast high-performance, high-efficiency compressors, which operate in tandem with its high-efficiency coil design.


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