Top 10 Reasons to Buy Daikin 5 Star Inverter AC

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In recent times, the demand for air conditioners has skyrocketed among Indian households. People have a clear perception that the only way to get the best and reliable comfort from high heat and humidity is to get an air conditioner. But the biggest issue people consider while buying an AC is high energy costs. This is especially true for people who were using coolers till date. Thanks to inverter air conditioning technology that has made AC operations not just better but also energy-efficient. For example, Daikin’s 5 Star Inverter AC is a wonderful choice that gives a perfect combination of world-class cooling and amazing energy savings.

Being a market leader in air conditioning for several years, Daikins’ products come with some of the most amazing features that place them cut above the rest. If you are looking for a perfect split AC for your home or office, you can’t miss to explore the wider range of Daikin air conditioners.

For your references, we have highlighted some major reasons to invest in a Daikin AC.

1. 10 Years Warranty on Compressor

Daikin’s strong reliance on advanced technology gives it an unmatched confidence in the segment. For example, Daikin’s ACs come with 10 years warranty on compressor which means you can sit back and enjoy complete peace of mind without worrying about any cost related to your AC’s compressor motor. Your compressor will stay in warranty for 10 years. Isn’t than cool?

2. 5 Years Warranty on PCB

Another example of Daikin’s supremacy in air conditioning technology is its 5 years warranty on PCB which is one of the most sophisticated and expensive components of an air conditioner. This way, you don’t need to worry about the high maintenance cost of PCBs.

3. Higher ISEER

If you are looking for a highly energy-efficient AC, Daikin could be the most preferred choice. Its 5-star inverter AC is known to be the highest ISEER rating AC of 4.5 which means bigger savings while enjoying unmatched cooling performance. Make big savings with Daikin Air Conditioners.

4. Patented Swing Inverter Compressor

Daikin’s inverter compressor is one of its kind as it reduced friction and vibration which contribute to wonderful savings in regard to energy & money. You can easily witness the finesse of the machine by knowing that your AC can cool the room quickly without making excessive sound.

5. Triple Display

Stay on top of your AC’s operations with the triple display feature of Daikin ACs. This feature allows you to check the existing power consumption, room temperature, and auto error code in no time. This way, you can stay in the complete control of your AC at any point in time.

6. Stabilizer Free Operation

With a Daikin’s AC, you won’t need to buy a stabilizer separately. All its ACs come with a functioning to operate efficiently within the voltage range of 160V – 264V. This results in highly efficient operation and reliable safety from voltage fluctuations.

7. R-32 Green Refrigerant

Daikin is highly committed to protecting the greener environment on the planet by adopting R-32 green refrigerant across its entire product range. The use of this green refrigerant helps in nill ozone layer depletion and enhanced cooling in high temperature scenarios.

8. Coanda Airflow

The Coanda Effect in Daikin AC is created by this feature for better temperature dispersion and air circulation. The Coanda Effect prolongs the airflow by sending cold air rushing down the ceiling and above.

9. Patented Streamer Discharge

Stay on top of your healthy with Daikin ACs. A plasma discharge known as a "streamer discharge" produces high-speed electrons with the ability to undergo oxidative breakdown. It has the power to get rid of allergies, dangerous chemicals, germs, and mould, among other things.

10. Anti-corrosion Treatment

Daikin air conditioners under anti-corrosion treatment that extend their lifespan and give better assurance to people by giving them complete peace of mind in regard to their sustainability.


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