Tips on buying an air conditioner for your home

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Tips on buying an air conditioner

In a humid climate like India’s, there’s no substitute for a good air conditioner. Adequate cooling, better air quality, and peaceful nights of sleep are just a few of the ways in which an air conditioner can change your life. If you’re looking for the right cooling machine for yourself, then Daikin has a wide range of innovative and powerful ACs. Discover the best air conditioner in India.

One of the things to keep in mind while buying an AC is its star rating, an indicator of its energy efficiency. A 5 star split AC is an excellent option as it is the most energy-efficient and will have a comparatively lower life cycle cost. Daikin has 6 different 5 star split AC models- FKTR, JTKJ, FTKZ, FTKF, FTKG, FTKM. All of these air conditioners have different features catered to give you the best possible cooling experience. A few of them are-

Power Chill OperationThe Power Chill Operation cools 20% faster than if the AC were in normal mode. It provides instant cooling by dropping the room temperature rapidly.


Patented streamer discharge technologyPatented Streamer Discharge is a technology that cleans the indoor air. By eliminating bacteria, dust, viruses, allergens, and hazardous chemical substances, it looks out for your health.


ECONO-ModeThe ECONO mode feature saves energy by limiting the maximum power consumption.


Coanda-AirflowCoanda Airflow carries cool air to every corner of the room so that no spot is untouched.


Indoor Unit Quiet OperationThe Indoor Unit Quiet Operation enables the quiet operation of the AC, so you aren’t disturbed.


A few other features you can find in our ACs are Alexa & Google Home-linked voice control, a mobile app that doubles as a remote, 3D Airflow, etc. In addition to these, Daikin ACs are equipped with next-generation technology. The VRV system lets you run multiple air conditioners in your home on just one outdoor unit. The eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant offers superior performance and a better life cycle climate performance. It has zero ozone depletion potential and 1/3rd the global warming potential of the previous refrigerant type. Additionally, the Inverter Technology makes our ACs more powerful and energy-saving. For these reasons, if you choose a Daikin AC, you’ll be choosing the best air conditioner in India.


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