The New Age of Air Conditioning

New Age of Air Conditioning

Long gone are the days when people would look for an air conditioner that only cools well. Today, there are broader factors that consumers keep in mind while shopping. They want ACs that can keep up with today's changing times. An air conditioner can be much more than a simple cooling machine, and Daikin's wide range of products prove just that.

One of the reasons Daikin is a preferred air conditioning brand by people of all ages and all regions are that it provides more than just the standard cooling experience. We are committed to creating products that are not only innovative but environmentally conscious. We wish to play our role in the fight against global warming. That is why each and every one of our air conditioners uses our patented R-32 refrigerant. We phased out the earlier model, R-22, and replaced it with the green R-32 one. The R-32 refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential and a better life cycle climate performance. When compared to the R-22 model, it has 1/3rd the global warming potential and 75% less carbon dioxide emissions. We offer worldwide free access to patents for equipment using the R-32 so that the whole world can come together to save our planet.

In addition to our green refrigerant, we also use Inverter Technology. An inverter is a device that can control frequency. Air conditioners that have inverters are far more energy-efficient as they consume less current. Non-inverter ACs have a fixed heating and cooling capacity and can only control the indoor temperature by switching on or off. This takes up far more power than an inverter air conditioner. Furthermore, our patented Streamer Discharge Technology removes all the bacteria, mould, allergens, and chemical substances from the air to keep it clean and give our users a healthy and fresh environment.

For those looking for an air conditioner that is both powerful but doesn't take a huge toll on the planet, Daikin's 2-ton split ac, FTKL71 is an excellent choice. The FTKL71 2-ton ac has a range of features that provide optimum comfort and cooling. The Power Chill Operation is perfect for the soaring hot summer months where it feels like nothing can make you feel cooler. This feature cools down 20% faster than the AC's normal mode, dropping the room temperature rapidly and providing instant cooling. The Coanda Airflow in this 2-ton split ac is designed to deliver the best air conditioning experience. It streams the cool air upwards towards the ceiling so that it can go on to reach every corner of the room. For a quiet night of sleep, the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation comes to your rescue. It optimises the airflow speed so that it can operate at a low noise level. This lets you run your AC through the night without having to get up even once. The FTKL71 also offers extra savings thanks to the ECONO Mode that enables efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. This keeps both the power consumption and your electricity bills low! Last but not least, there is the Titanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purifying Filter that provides extra freshness to your indoor air.

For all these reasons, the FTKL71 air conditioner is an excellent Ac to bring into your home. It offers fantastic cooling services, features designed for optimum comfort, high energy efficiency, and clean indoor air. Daikin recognises the need for products that are not just filled with advanced technology but are also environmentally conscious, and as a brand, we keep sustainability at the core of everything we do.


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