Know your Air conditioners

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Know your Air conditioners

The summer of 2021 is already here and is obviously not letting its presence go unnoticed. There was a time when ACs were owned by luxurious homes. Now, you cannot even imagine a household without an AC. The temperature is soaring high, and we need just the best AC now more than ever.

In this blog you will find your guide to find 1.5-ton split AC or window or inverter ACs. Discover which air conditioner is best suited for you. Let us guide you on your AC buying decision. We will tell you both basic and advanced steps of actions while buying the perfect AC.

This guidebook will also tell you the types of air conditioner available in Indian market and which one you should purchase for your house. Besides, you will get the information about top AC brands and best air conditioner model in India and how can you save electricity & money.

Let us talk about the most popular and oldest air conditioners in the Indian households. They not only fit the budget of most Indian buyers but also conveniently matches the home cooling requirements.

Window AC as we know is a single unit containing of compressors, pipes, heat exchangers and motors. For installation you will need the window space of a room.


  • They are smaller in size and so occupy lesser space;
  • They charge a lesser upfront cost than slit AC;
  • It is easier to install even in a smaller window;
  • Low cost compared to split AC
  • It does not take up excessive floor space
  • It does not require wall drilling
  • Built in heater in window AC for winter
  • If you live in a rented space, this is the best AC for you


  • Window ACs make more noise than split Acs;
  • In some cases, it can pose a threat to security.
  • Installation without an exterior support is a problem.

Split ACs, comprises of two units from inside the room and outside the room, blower and condenser respectively. Both these units are connected with pipes. The AC is mounted over wall. 1.5-ton split AC is the most common and popular choice, today.

It is a popular choice in modern and contemporary homes. It not only comes with modern features but also a great house décor element.


  • It does not need window for installation
  • Can be conveniently placed on a wall
  • It cools faster than window AC
  • Some models come along heater
  • It ensures climate control in yours pace
  • It adds a good look and feel to the room
  • No or negligible sound


  • Have a higher upfront cost
  • Needs bigger space
  • Moving a split AC is not easy
  • Maintenance can be tough and expensive
  • You might need a long tube to connect both units

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