Inverter Air Conditioner - A Wise Investment

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Inverter Air Conditioner - A Wise Investment

If you want to invest in the perfect air conditioner, Inverter AC is the 'top pick' for you. Designed to meet all modern requirements, an inverter AC is the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective option.

The key features of an inverter AC include superior cooling and energy saving, auto adjusting the power supply frequency of the compressor and reduced noise. The technology is by far recommended to be lesser hazardous for the environment.

Non-Inverter Air Conditioners are cheaper to buy.

Yes, that's true, while cheaper to buy, non-inverter air conditioners use an older-style motor which stops when the room cools down and restarts when the temperature rises. Switching ON and OFF from time to time not only puts significant pressure on the motor parts but also impacts one's good night's sleep. Moreover, years down the line, you only end up spending more money on maintenance; the total surpassing the initial savings.

Daikin Split Inverter Air Conditioners - designed for the modern generation.

Bring home a smart cooling experience with the Daikin Split Inverter AC. They offer a range of inspiring features, such as:

Swing Compressor - useful in reducing friction and vibration, resulting in quiet and efficient operations.

DC Inverter - uses magnets to generate rotations, offering an operational efficiency of up to 40%, a feature particularly noticeable in the low-speed range.

Compressor-Friendly - Daikin, uses a Reluctant DC motor for the compressor, making the air conditioner more energy-efficient with reduced electricity consumption.

Sine Wave - eliminates pulsation and reduces noise, thus, ensuring a cool and comfortable room environment.

Pulse Amplitude - controls energy loss by monitoring how often the converter switches on and off.

Highest ISEER Rating - meaning a longer life for your air-conditioner with added long-term cost-saving.

Daikin's highest ISEER Rating AC of up to 6.2 provides efficient cooling at competitive pricing.

The air conditioners further offer:

Smart Control on the tap of your fingertip via a mobile app installation.

Neo Swing Inverter Compressor to prevent refrigerant gas leakage during compression.

ECONO Mode to improve overall operations while limiting the power-consumption.

100% Copper - The backbone of an air conditioning system, Daikin AC condensers are equipped with 100% copper coils, ensuring the utmost value for money on your purchase.

Explore the latest series of Daikin air conditioners. Check out their official website or visit your nearest Daikin store to find out the best fit for your sweet home!


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