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Summers are here and all of us are preparing to turn to the cold comfort provided by air conditioning. But what many of us don’t realize is the environmental harm air conditioning brings with it. Most air conditioners run from fossil fuels like coal. Not only do the fossil fuels release carbon emissions but energy is also lost in generating and transmitting electric power. That, however, doesn’t mean that we should all be sweating in discomfort throughout the summers. Having said that, we definitely need to be more aware with air conditioning and how to make it more efficient and ecological. This is because if air conditioning practices don’t change, our planet might be in foreseeable danger. Eco-friendly air conditioning is becoming more accepted form of air conditioning for manufacturers and users alike. A number of technological innovations are also making AC units greener and efficient. One such innovation is the use of R-32 refrigerant in air conditioners—a next generation, environment friendly refrigerant designed to save the ozone layer and reduce global warming.

Why R-32?

Each refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) with carbon used as the base; carbon has a GWP of 1. A GWP of 2,088 meaning that if one kilogram is released into the atmosphere it would have 2,088 times the harmful effect of one kilogram of carbon. That is why we are now seeing a move to a new refrigerant – R32, which has a GWP of 675. R32 is a single component refrigerant, which means that it is easier to reuse and recycle. It is also relatively inexpensive to produce as well.

Daikin befriending R-32

r32Daikin was the first to introduce air-conditioning and heat pump technology utilizing the refrigerant R-32, starting in Japan in November 2012. If all presently used R-410A refrigerant were replaced by R-32, the total CO2 equivalent impact of HFCs could be reduced by up to approximately 800 million tons-CO2 compared to business as usual scenarios, along with a significantly reduced amount of indirect CO2 emissions due to lower energy consumption. This is the equivalent of 50% to annual carbon absorption provided by the Amazon rain forest. Consumer satisfaction and the betterment of the world has always been our vision; we have always believed in the notion of disruption and innovation and that is what we try to showcase in all our products.

Daikin has been providing air conditioning solutions for over 12 years in India and is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacture both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. We phased out all R-22 model and shifted to the green refrigerant R-32. We believe that refrigerant choice is a key in saving the ozone layer and reducing global warming. And, when choosing the best energy efficient AC in India, consumers should be researching more on the type of refrigerant being used by the machine as that may be a worthy investment. Our air conditioners have been designed keeping ecological balance and consumer needs at the helm and the use of R-32 refrigerant is one such step towards that.


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