Finding the Right AC Size for Your Room

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Buying a new Daikin air conditioner seems like an easy task. However, there are multiple factors that you need to look into before purchasing the correct AC for your space. One of the crucial aspects here is the size of the air conditioner. As every room or house is built differently, one size of machine cannot fit everywhere. That is why you must find the right-sized AC for your space. For example, a 2 Ton split AC would not be optimal for a place that could be chilled with a 1 Ton split AC.

Do not worry if you do not know how to select the correct AC size for your place. We have brought here a few factors that will help you pick the right-sized Daikin air conditioner as per your unique requirements. Let’s dig into the details.

Room Size

The first and foremost aspect affecting the size of the Daikin AC is the area of the space where you intend to use it. You must understand that

  • An undersized air conditioner will not be able to provide proper cooling to your space.
  • An oversized air conditioner, on the other hand, will pile up more on your electricity bills without providing proper cooling. So, you can calculate the tonnage fit for your space too.

Sunlight Exposure

Another factor that affects the AC size is the amount of sun that enters the room. If your room has high sun exposure, you will need a bigger-sized Daikin air conditioner. Or you can opt for a smaller AC in case your room is highly shaded.

Surrounding Temperature

The environmental conditions of the place you live in also matter. Places that have high temperatures need a bigger-sized Daikin air conditioner as compared to generally cooler places.

Ceiling Height

While calculating the area of the space, we only take length and width into consideration. This leaves out the room’s height. Just like the area factor, the more the height of the place, the bigger the Daikin air conditioner required for it.

Number of People

One more vital aspect that affects the Daikin AC’s size is the number of people that will occupy the room. In case more people will be present in the room regularly, you will need to go for a bigger-sized air conditioner.

Other Factors

While these were the most important factors, the list does not end here. A few small aspects like floor number and appliances in the room also matter. So, you must look into each factor before finalizing the Daikin AC’s size. This will help you avoid wasting your money on the wrong product.


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