Debunking 5 myths about air conditioners

Debunking 5 myths about air conditioners

We can all agree that air conditioning makes life better, easier, and of course, cooler. However, there are often misconceptions about ACs that deter people from purchasing them.

Air Conditioners cause colds

Cold temperatures do not cause colds, viruses do. Using an air conditioner does not make you more susceptible to falling sick. Our FTHT ACs have a PM 2.5 filter that traps fine air particles to ensure the air you're breathing is clean. This makes it a great option for a 1.5-ton split ac. Additionally, Daikin ACs are equipped with Streamer Discharge Technology, that captures and eliminates bacteria, viruses, mould, hazardous chemical substances, allergens, etc.

Fans are more effective

Fans circulate the air in the room but cannot actually make the temperature or the room cooler. Daikin's Coanda Airflow and 3D Airflow features do an excellent job of taking the cool air in the room to every corner.

The bigger the AC, the better

How big your AC should purely depend on the size of your room. Getting an AC too small for your room is detrimental but so is getting one that's too big for the space. Our ACs have a Power Chill Operation feature that provides excellent and instant cooling by dropping the room temperature rapidly.

Sleeping with the AC on is bad for your health

You can leave the AC on while you sleep so you're just as comfortable in your dreams. The Good Sleep Off Timer in Daikin's DTKL, a 1 ton 3 star split ac, helps with optimum cooling. The air conditioner immediately stops working after a pre-set time elapses. Additionally, the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation in the FTHT, a 1.5-ton split ac, ensures the machine runs at a low noise level, so you can catch a good night's sleep.

An AC always causes high electricity bills

A good inverter AC can help save energy, and as can Daikin's ECONO Mode feature that limits maximum power consumption to keep your bills and stress level low.

Now that we've debunked these AC myths, it's time for you to explore our wide and versatile range of air conditioners. Find the perfect 1 ton 3 star split ac with Daikin.


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