Daikin 5 Star Inverter AC receives Appliance of the Year Award 2022 under Air Conditioners category from Hon’ble President Of India

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On 14th Dec 2022, Daikin’s FTKM50UV16U, 1.5-ton 5-star rated inverter split air conditioner, was awarded as the appliance of the year in the air conditioners category by the Ministry of Power.

Smt. Droupadi Murmu, Hon'ble President of India, presented the award to Mr. Kanwal Jeet Jawa, Daikin India's MD & CEO, who accepted the award on behalf of Daikin Air Conditioning Pvt Ltd.

What makes Daikin’s 5-Star inverter split AC - FTKM50UV16U, one of the best 1.5-ton air conditioner available in India?

FTKM50UV16U, the most energy-efficient AC in India comes with a 1.5 TR cooling capacity, a patented swing compressor, and an ISEER of 5.2. It uses a fully automatic variable speed inverter technology for faster cooling and more power saving by constantly adjusting the compressor's speed to maintain desired temperature levels. This 5-star AC is equipped with R-32 refrigerant, a Daikin-patented technology with zero ODP and low GWP.

This air conditioner has been tested for performance in Daikin's NABL-approved lab which certifies its 100% cooling capacity at 46°C and has an operating temperature range of up to 54°C.

This award makes Daikin's FTKM50UV16U as one of the best split ac available in India. This energy-efficient inverter split AC not only helps to save energy but also adds a unique sense of calm to your space both aesthetically and functionally.

Daikin is proud to receive this award for the second time, earlier Daikin received the most energy efficient appliance (fixed & variable speed air-conditioner) award for the JTKM50 series. Read more about it. Daikin India Receives The Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Award | Daikin

8 Features that make Daikin FTKM50UV16U the most sought-after 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC.

Dew Clean Technology : This advanced technology is a one-button operation when activated it automatically cleans the evaporator coil of the indoor unit heat exchanger by utilizing condensate water. In just 95 min you will get a dirt-free indoor unit. Ensuring better airflow, and improved AC health. To know more about how Dew clean technology works check out this video.
Anti-Corrosion Treatment: In Daikin’s anti-corrosion treatment a special coating of Benzotriazole is applied on the copper coil of indoor and outdoor units to prevent them from corrosion. It is especially effective against the Indian climate conditions – the rainy season, highly humid areas, coastal areas, industrial smoke, and polluted areas. Watch this video to know how anti-corrosion treatment helps to improve the life of your AC.
Triple Display: Daikin’s triple display functions allow you to monitor 3 key optimum running features on your Daikin AC display panel. You can track the set temperature, room temperature, and auto error code on Indoor Unit Display, ensuring complete control in the hands of the consumer. In this video, you can find out how the triple display function works.
Cross Flow Evaporator Fans: Daikin’s powerful air throw ensure uniform & fast cooling for each corner of your room. With air throw of up to 16 meters (52 feet) now you don’t have to frequently adjust your AC temperature & fan speed. Checkout this video to know more.

Self-Diagnosis: This self-diagnosis technology is developed to ease servicing requirements by detecting the problem area in your AC system, indoor & outdoor unit, and displays the related error code. Each error code is mapped against a particular problem in your AC. Find the definition of each error code here - https://www.daikinindia.com/product-services/product-services/error-codes.

PM 2.5 Filter: Acts as a sieve, and filters all unwanted particles while allowing the clean and fresh air to recirculate into the room. Maintaining a healthy environment.

Auto Restart: This feature enables the running of the AC unit at the set settings if a power failure occurs. With this feature now you need not to again reset the settings of your AC if a power failure happens in the middle of the night.

Stabilizer Inside: Built-in stabilizer to ensure smooth operations of your 1.5-ton 5 Star air conditioner during voltage fluctuations.

Explore all the features of this award-winning 1.5-ton inverter split ac here

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