Daikin 5-Star Inverter AC: Absolute Bang for Your Buck!

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With poor ventilation affecting many Indian households, air conditioners are increasingly becoming integral to every home. Be it the scorching heat of summers, the highly humid rainy season or the onset of dry winters, air conditioners make for an effective solution for maximizing ventilation and controlling the indoor temperature.

Are you searching the market for the best Air Conditioner Company in India? Here’s why Daikin’s JTKJ35U 5 Star Inverter Split AC is your best bet!

Budget-Friendly: The brand Daikin is well-known for its budget range. Its JTKJ35U patented streamer discharge technology ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy high-class air conditioning that is second to none! With zero compromises on quality, this air conditioner company in India provides a comfortable every day without having to invest a lot of your money.

High-Utility: Daikin air conditioners are equipped with a copper condenser, making them perfect for large and medium-sized rooms. The copper tubes inside help them last longer than the normal ones.

Moreover, Daikin air conditioners have a bacterial filter, a catalyst filter and a self-diagnosis system to help them remove several harmful substances from the air. They are also easy to operate and understand controls, making them a perfect fit for homes and offices.

Power Chill Operation: Daikin's Power Chill operation chills out the room 20% faster than the normal mode, ensuring a rapid drop in your room temperature for prompt relief from the boiling summer heat. Furthermore, with a powerful air throw of up to *16 meters, it ensures uniform cooling across all parts of your room.

Stabilizer Inside: With Daikin’s Stabilizer Inside operation, you do not have to worry about the voltage fluctuations. The technology regulates voltage across a wide range of flux (130V - 285V), ensuring smooth operations even during voltage fluctuations.

Its other eye-catching benefits include –

10 Years Warranty on Compressor: Daikin provides comfort with a decade of warranty on your air conditioning system's compressor. Enjoy long-term assurance with 10 years of peaceful cooling.

5 Years Warranty on PCB: With Daikin’s 5 years warranty on PCB, make your experience more calming alongside extra assurance on the maintenance cost.

Alongside those mentioned above, enjoy Daikin's many perks, such as Triple Display, Anti Corrosion Treatment, Automatic Error Code Display, Coanda Airflow, Dew Clean Technology, Econo Mode, Good Sleep Off Timer, Patented Swing Compressor and more!

As the adage goes, see it to believe it; check out the wide range of air conditioners by visiting your nearest Daikin centre today! The brand does understand that Customer Service quality is essential to avoid hassles in the future. Hence, the service team is available with a simple online/telephone registration and delivers servicing at a reduced TAT.


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