Create New Value by Anticipating the Future Needs of Customers

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Daikin is a visionary. We work towards creating products that are user-friendly as well as environment-friendly. Our first group philosophy is to “Create New Value by Anticipating the Future Needs of Customers”. Our sole mission, and the essence of our existence, is to identify and realize our customers' future needs and dreams, even those that they themselves may not yet be aware of. You may ask, how we accomplish this goal.


Daikin keeps a keen eye on the changing social trends and conducts extensive marketing to win the hearts and minds of customers. Recently, we conducted an exciting contest for all the Facebook followers as well as the internal employees. The contest was aimed at getting insights and ideas from people about their Dream AC. The contest was a huge success and we received some amazing ideas along with some quirky ones. And, this is just one of the many ways that Daikin ensures that it stays ahead of the game.

Daikin is a market leader, globally. And now with its new R&D centre in Neemrana, Rajasthan it focuses providing customised products to meet the Indian conditions and requirements. Just like this R&D centre, Daikin has various other research centres located around the world which implements extensive researches to offer the best in every category.

Strategic growth is also one of the most important reasons why Daikin is able to anticipate the future needs of the customer. Daikin very actively involves its channel partners and carry out market researches to keep itself abreast with market need.

As a believer and achiever, Daikin also has Technology & Innovation Centre, where they meet and collaborate for creating the best of advanced air conditioner and air purifier systems. The buildings embody Daikin technology that is the epitome of superb energy conservation. The advanced environmental technologies, primarily in the field of air conditioning, are used in the buildings and equipment and serve as a model for solutions that achieve both unrivalled energy efficiency and comfortable indoor environments. In simple words, you can say that this building is created to surpass the global standards for the environmentally-friendly buildings.

For Daikin, it is essential to offer customers with optimum convenience and comfort that are always a step ahead of the competitors. It is their aim to provide customers with the highest quality products, materials, and services that have led Daikin to become the global No. 1.


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