10 reasons why buying a Daikin AC is the best gift you can give yourself for the summers to come

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What can be more frustrating than spending all day thinking of ways to beat the heat, and escape the soaring temperatures only to come home to an AC that doesn’t work effectively? Aam Panna and watermelon juice may be great coolers, but they can only do so much to cool you down. A great way to ensure that your summer goes by in a breeze is to invest in an AC that serves its purpose so well, that you become its fan!

Here are 10 reasons to help you understand why Daikin AC will is just that-

  • You name it, we have it: Whether you’re looking for an AC that also works as a heater, a power-saving option or an ecofriendly one... Daikin keeps everyone’s needs in mind. Daikin offers a wide range of effective ACs with multiple features, so you get comfort and coolness within your budget.
  • Isn’t it cool that it also gets hot?: By the time we find relief in escaping the scorching summer heat, the dropping degrees make it difficult for us to leave our blankets. Daikin’s Dual Comfort range offers a 2in1 AC which helps heat your home in winters, just as well as it helps cool it down in summers. You’re always a step ahead of the weather with Daikin.
  • Max relaxes with Power Chill : Advancements in technology have made life easy for us in many ways. Remember having to wait a lot for the AC to cool the room down? Daikin ensures that becomes a faded memory. Daikin JTKM series offers several options like the 1 ton 3 star split AC with the Power Chill feature. This mode maximizes the cooling effect by flattening the dual flaps and dispersing air at a high speed, cooling the whole room within minutes.
  • Air not just cooled, but also purified!: As a result of growing pollution and increasing cases of respiratory diseases, the requirement for air purifiers is a growing necessity. With Daikin's Streamer Discharge technology, the 4-layer filters effectively filter out dust, allergens, pollutants, and odor-causing bacteria. Who would say no to an AC that can do all that?
  • 3D Coanda Airflow for even cooling: While most ACs come with a vertical swing blade to disseminate cool air inside the room, Daikin ACs use modern technology for a 3D airflow function. The FTKP series has lateral movement along with vertical, which distributes the cool air in all directions. As a result, every corner of the room is nearly as cool as the area in front of the AC blade. If that hasn’t blown you away already, the Coanda airflow surely will! The louvres of the FTKP series open upwards, meaning the cold air doesn’t directly hit people. Thus, Coanda airflow provides even, pleasant air-conditioning in the entire room.
  • Not just pocket friendly, it’s also eco-friendly : We’re all aware of the depleting environmental conditions and the contributions we make daily. Why not opt for an environment-friendly option to reduce that? Daikin ACs use the eco-friendly refrigerant R-32, which has reduced global warming potential by a third, emits 75% less CO2, has zero ozone depletion potential and best overall life-cycle climate performance. R-32 is not only the most balanced refrigerant but is also fairly easy to recycle.
  • See eye to eye on power consumption: Why use a basic AC when you can use a smart one? Using an infrared sensor, the intelligent eye detects when the room is vacant and reduces power consumption accordingly for optimum efficiency. As soon as it detects a human presence, the air-conditioning goes back to normal operation.
  • Quiet Operation technology that makes you sing praises: We guess you’re familiar with the wonders a good night of sleep can do... or are you not because your AC whirs night long? Daikin ACs are equipped with the Quiet Operation technology which ensures a whisper-quiet functioning for the perfect peaceful slumber.
  • Save power with optimized cooling: The compressor used in Daikin inverter ACs like the 2 ton split AC, optimizes peak performance to give perfect cooling even in extreme temperatures. With this technology, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat.
  • Say goodbye to damage: Every Indian has experienced power cuts, load shedding and the aftermath ample times to know that ACs are most prone to damage in such cases. This in turn gives you financial damage! However, Daikin’s modern ACs offer a stabilizer-free option as a solution to this nuisance. The premium FTKP series work steadily and reliably without getting damaged and continues cooling exceptionally all summer long.

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