Features for your utmost comfort

Patented Streamer
Discharge Technology

Breathe immunized air with Daikin’s patented Streamer Discharge that inactivates 99.9% of the novel coronavirus*.

Highest ISEER
Rating of 6.2

Benefit from the best category of ACs with the highest energy efficiency rating of 6.2 ISEER.

Next Generation
R-32 Refrigerant

Befriend the environment with Daikin ACs using the R-32 green refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential.


Auto adjusts cooling by sensing human presence. Saves energy when the room is empty.

Smart IoT

ACs that listen to your command with voice-controlling features via Alexa and Google Home.

High Ambient

Comfortable cooling even at ambient temperatures as high as 56°C.

Dew Clean

Auto cleans the heat exchanger to ensure hygiene and better airflow.


Gives you complete monitoring control with Power Consumption, Room Temperature & Auto Error Code.


Ensuring long life with special coatings to prevent rusting.

Air Throw

Optimizing flaps for 3D, uniform cooling up to 16 meters (52 feet).

Our Gold Standard of Excellence

Multi tasking the zamana

Safai ka zamana

Saving ka zamana

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Setting the
Gold Standard
of Excellence

At Daikin, we innovate because we care. We innovate to push boundaries. We innovate to raise quality. We innovate to lead.

Our patented Streamer Discharge technology has been tested to efficiently remove up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, promoting a safer cooling experience for you. Our high ISEER ratings of up to 6.2, provide superior performance for your comfort. Our R-32 green refrigerant paves the way towards a sustainable future for us all.

By Innovating For Change, we are setting gold standards of pure air and efficiency for our evolving society.

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* For space larger than 300 sq.ft. visit the commercial range of air conditioners.

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Switch to health-giving air conditioning with Daikin's JTKJ35 5 Star Inverter Split AC Series. Its patented streamer discharge technology ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy.

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With patented Streamer discharge technology, give your home the Air conditioning it deserves. Not only this, JTKJ50 is packed with advanced features like econo mode.

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Choose the JTKJ60 give your home the best air conditioning. With its intelligent eye infrared sensor, it senses movement and change to energy-saving operation if there's no movement for some time.

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The FTKN35 air conditioner is built to last. Our patented swing compressor technology with a 10-year warranty, in-built stabilizer and anti-corrosion treatment makes this AC one for the ages.

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If you are looking for top-class cooling with a patented streamer discharge technology that inactivates viruses and other allergens efficiently, look no further.

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Designed for smart cooling Daikin's FTKR35 is poised to deliver smart air conditioning experience. From Power Chill operation to Voice control through Google and Alexa this power-packed.

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FTKR50 is designed to deliver smart and effective air cooling. Experience unique features like power chill operation and voice control. Innovation inspired designs brought to you.

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This air conditioner delivers the ultimate and efficient air conditioning with smart and energy saving features. Innovation inspired features such as voice control.

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Daikin's FTKF35 gives an unmatched air conditioning experience. Its 3D Airflow feature circulates a cloud of cool air right to the corner of even large spaces.

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FTKF50 lets you have an unparalleled air conditioning experience. Your peace is here to stay when your Daikin AC has features like Coanda airflow, Indoor unit quiet operation, econo mode and more.

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FTKM35 satisfies your cooling needs by offering a unique, total comfort experience for any lifestyle. New Coanda panel design creates a distinctive airflow pattern that assures cooling comfort for your home.

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Relish on the new age air conditioning experience by Daikin with new coanda panel design for a distinctive feature and usage. With just the touch of a button, you will get a world-class air conditioning.

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With new Coanda panel design that creates a distinctive airflow pattern by assuring even cooling comfort for your home, FTKM60 makes for an ideal choice!

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Say goodbye to sweaty heat with the strong and powerful MTKM35 AC. With a high ISEER rating of 5.2, this air conditioner is extremely energy-efficient.

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Get the best of indoor cooling with the all new MTKM50 air conditioner. With a powerful air throw of 16 meters (52 feet), you can relax comfortably with uniform cooling across all parts of your room.

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If you are in the market for ACs that last, look no further! The MTKM60 is a robust air conditioner with advanced air filters and a patented streamer discharge technology.

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An all-weather air conditioner that gives the promise of ultimate air conditioning in any given situation! It is exceptionally powerful for both heating as well as cooling needs.

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Looking for an energy efficient all season air conditioner? Well, look no further. Daikin FTHT50 gives you the best in class heating as well cooling experience while you enjoy big savings!

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FTHT60 is an all season air conditioner that allows heating and cooling experience along with smart savings! From hot summers to cold winters, it ensures perfect temperature in your home all year long.

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invester FTKT35

Daikin's FTKT3S of air conditioners gives an unmatched air conditioning experience. Its 3.52 kW capacity makes it ideal for your personalised space. Choose Daikin air conditioners and bring home perfection.

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invester FTKT50

Great cooling experience without spending much on the power bills. Live life pollutants free with Daikin's highly efficient air purifiers. The PM2.5 air purifier filter traps fine air particles.

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invester FTKT60

Daikin FTKT60 is all you need for efficient and power friendly air conditioning. The compact design and technology enabled features will let you explore the best in class air conditioning.

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invester FTKL35

Welcome the new age of air conditioning! Loaded with salient features, Daikin's FTKL35 redefine modern air conditioning. Some of its great features are Dust PM2.5 Filter, Econo mode, Coanda airflow.

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invester FTKL50

With the new age air conditioner by Daikin redefine your air conditioning experience. FTKL50 is meant to deliver efficient cooling and power saving. The even air distribution and lot many features.

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invester FTKL60

The advanced features make Daikin's FTKL60 a new age air conditioning experience. Some of its great features are Dust PM2.5 Filter, Econo mode, Coanda airflow and Power chill operation.

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invester FTKL71

Get home the technology enabled air conditioner with Dust PM2.5 Filter, Econo mode, Coanda airflow and Power chill operation for a world class air conditioning experience that notches your lifestyle.

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invester DTKL35

It's time to embrace next-gen air conditioning experience with Daikin's DTKL35. Its good sleep off timer gives automatic temperature increase to avoid excessive cooling.

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invester DTKL50

Daikin DTKL50 ensures convenient cooling and smart energy consumption. With sleep off timer automatic temperature increases in order to avoid excess cooling while you are asleep.

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invester DTKL60

Choose smart living with Daikin DTKL60 that empowers convenience for you at every step. With its unique self diagnose feature that auto detects the error and shows on the remote screen.

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invester ATKL35

Daikin's ATKL35 air conditioner gives an unmatched air conditioning experience. Designed to deliver optimum performance, it boasts of some of the most unique features in the air conditioning industry.

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invester ATKL50

Experience the top notch air conditioning with Daikin ATKL50. The unparalleled air conditioners are designed for an efficient performance. Daikin takes pride in its unique constitution of features.

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invester ATKL60

With ATKL60, you can experience the best in class air conditioning. Technology enabled efficient air cooling makes it an unmatched air conditioner in the industry.

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invester MTKL35

Clean air, cool features and a charismatic look, that’s the MTKL35 for you. Its PM 2.5 Filter ensures your air is filtered, efficiently catching pathogenic particulate matter such as dust particles.

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invester MTKL50

The MTKL50 air conditioner is sure to tick all the boxes on your purchase checklist! This inverter AC with its R-32 environment-friendly refrigerant is energy-efficient and powerful (airflow up to 52 feet).

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