Air That Improves Performance

Many wish to finish work quickly to make more time for themselves.
Creating an environment in which you can focus can be important to working efficiently.

In addition to regulating the temperature, humidity, circulation, and purity, which are the four main functions of an AC, Daikin started controlling indoor scents in order to improve productivity.

If all the office spaces throughout Japan were filled with air that is more pleasant to work in and each person’s work performance improves, working habits will change. Lifestyles will change. With this conviction, Daikin continues to engage in collaborative research with outside organizations and institutions.

Air that enhances work performance enriches both your work and private life.

Air That Responds to Diverse Needs in the Workplace

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For people to become healthier both mentally and physically, for people to advance further in their studies or work, and for family and friends to be full of smiles.

Daikin will realize such a vision by creating ideal air.