Air That Helps Deliver Fresh Goodness

The wish to enjoy tasty vegetables and fruits from around the world—
In order to deliver vegetables and fruits in their best condition, the technology to maintain their freshness through long-distance transportation is vital.

This is why Daikin focused on the fruits and vegetables’ respiration, which determines their freshness. Daikin minimized the change in temperature and humidity, as well as oxygen and carbon dioxide, inside refrigerated shipping containers. By restricting the respiration of the produce, Daikin made it possible to deliver long-distance over an extended period of time while maintaining their freshness.

You can enjoy the fresh goodness of produce from around the world.

Air that helps deliver fresh taste brings about smiles around the dining table.

Air That Cares of Your Physical Condition

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For people to become healthier both mentally and physically, for people to advance further in their studies or work, and for family and friends to be full of smiles.

Daikin will realize such a vision by creating ideal air.