Crowne Plaza Hotel, Turkey

Building Information

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Number of floors: 5F
  • Total floor area: 22,500 m2
  • Completion: 2008

Equipment Installed

VRV (Heat pump and Heat recovery)
 with intelligent Touch Manager


This was a retro-fit project, starting from 2005. As the hotel building is a historical structure, they have false ceiling and shaft problems.
The owner and designer favored the VRV system due to no mechanical installation space. After we told the owner and designer how the VRV system offers 20% energy efficiency improvement compared to existing system as well as easy operation and maintenance, they decided to go with the VRV system. A heat recovery system was used for the guest rooms and heat pump system was installed for public space. Outside air processing units were used in public space to keep the air fresh.